The Girl in White Gloves by Kerri Maher @berkleypub **Book Review**

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I just want to take a minute to brag about our fabulous 85° temperatures at the moment! This is the reason we live in Southern California, even if Grace Kelly wasn’t a fan of LA! Today I am excited to share with you this entertaining and engaging fictional biography about Grace Kelly.👑🎬

My Thoughts

Would you rather… be a princess or a movie star?

This is a fictionalized biography of Grace Kelly. A girl from Philadelphia who lived her very own fairytale and became a real live princess. But there was so much more to Grace than the glitz, the glamour, and the crown. I really knew very little going into this book about Grace Kelly other than she was once a movie star who married a prints and then was a princess who died in a tragic car accident. Kerri Maher’s vivid storytelling really brought this icon to life for me. Grace really impressed me, she was smart and savvy, knew what she wanted, and went for it. She was brilliant when it came to navigating and negotiating her movie career. Grace was forever wanting her father’s approval and perhaps this led to her multiple affairs with older and sometimes married men. Grace always seem to be searching for acceptance and ultimately wanted to be a wife and mother. I found her so likable and relatable even though her life was way different from mine. I found it interesting how her life somewhat mirrored that of Meghan Markle. I think it is always interesting to see behind the public image. There were some definite parts in the story where my heart broke for Grace, it would be difficult to find out your life is no longer your own. This was an entertaining and engaging story that really gave me a brand new appreciation of Miss Kelly.

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*** Big thank you to Berkley for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

About the Book

A life in snapshots…

Grace knows what people see. She’s the Cinderella story. An icon of glamour and elegance frozen in dazzling Technicolor. The picture of perfection. The girl in white gloves.

A woman in living color…

But behind the lens, beyond the panoramic views of glistening Mediterranean azure, she knows the truth. The sacrifices it takes for an unappreciated girl from Philadelphia to defy her family and become the reigning queen of the screen. The heartbreaking reasons she trades Hollywood for a crown. The loneliness of being a princess in a fairy tale kingdom that is all too real.

Hardest of all for her adoring fans and loyal subjects to comprehend is the harsh reality that to be the most envied woman in the world does not mean she is the happiest. Starved for affection and purpose, facing a labyrinth of romantic and social expectations with more twists and turns than Monaco’s infamous winding roads, Grace must find her own way to fulfillment. But what she risks – her art, her family, her marriage – she may never get back.

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