Christmas on the Riviera by Jennifer Bohnet ❄️Book Review❄️ @rararesources

Happy Thursday!

I can hardly believe it is officially Christmas time! Love me a cozy Christmas read!❄️

My Thoughts

Would love to spend Christmas on the French Riviera! Loved the gorgeous setting of this story! I also really loved the relationship between Gaby and her granddaughter Elodie. Really love that grandma Gaby had a love interest, Philip who was positively lovely. I do wish the book was a little bit more Christmasy, but it was the French Riviera after all. what I found a bit problematic with the story was the relationship between Elodie and her estranged mother Harriet. and I truly didn’t like how this all played out. I really felt as though Gabby was very unfair to Elodie in the situation. Family doesn’t always deserve forgiveness, even at Christmas time. I just think there’s so much involved in being abandoned by your mother and I just can’t see it being fixed like it was in this book. I also would hope a grandmother would have a little more understanding of her granddaughter’s feelings. Sorry I’ve gone on a tangent, but this is a trigger for me. we bring our own baggage into Books and if this is not an issue for you it is a fun festive read.

My Thoughts


About the Book

Christmas on the Riviera

As a toddler Elodie Jacques was abandoned by her mother and left in the care of her French grandmother, Gabriella in Dartmouth, Devon.

Now 24 years old, Elodie struggles to reconcile the deep anger for the mother she has never since seen.

When Gabriella unexpectedly announces she wants the two of them to spend Christmas and her 70th birthday in her home town of Juan-les-Pins in the South of France Elodie is thrilled.

Gabriella meanwhile has her own ulterior motives for wanting to return after 40 years, a daunting homecoming potentially filled with memories, secrets and recriminations.

With Juan-les-Pins pulsing with lights, decorations and the festive spirit, Christmas promises to be filled with fun. But when Elodie learns there is the possibility that her long absent mother may join them she hides her feelings behind a show of indifference and animosity.

Will there be the reconciliation that Gabriella longs for – or will the spirit of Christmas fail to work its magic?

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Jennifer Bohnet is the bestselling author of over 12 women’s fiction titles, including Villa of Sun and Secrets and A Riviera Retreat. She is originally from the West Country but now lives in the wilds of rural Brittany, France.

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