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This was such a great book a fun, feel good romcom with a HUGE heart!💕💕

Friends With Benefits

Could Mr Right-Now actually be Mr Right?

Lexie Whittle thought she had life all sewn up, with a gorgeous husband, a beautiful home, and an utterly delightful teenage stepson. Until husband Daryl announced he was leaving to work overseas… and everything changed.

A year later, Daryl and Lexie’s marriage is practically over. Lexie is fighting to stay on top of the bills, juggling her job at the Blue Parrot 1940s cafe in Leyholme with being mum and dad to Connor in Daryl’s absence.

The only thing keeping her sane is the support she gets from Connor’s godfather: Theo Blake, Daryl’s former business partner. Theo might be a jack-the-lad, drifting from one woman to another, but Lexie knows she and Connor can always depend on him in times of need.

After one too many glasses of wine leads to them falling into bed together, Lexie and Theo begin a friends-with-benefits relationship. It starts as just sex, but it doesn’t take long for deeper feelings to develop.

But when Daryl returns, Lexie is faced with some difficult decisions. Will she be forced to choose between her love for Theo and the boy she sees as a son?

My Thoughts

SO GOOD! The blurb for this book does not do it justice! I was anticipating a fun feel good lighthearted romcom and what I got was so much more! The story had everything I love about a romcom delightful characters, laugh out loud moments, witty banter, and sweet romance. BUT there was another deeper more emotional level to this story. Lexie is struggling to keep her business going, food on the table, and her head above water all while parenting her teenage stepson Connor. Lexie’s marriage to Connor‘s father Darrell is over, especially now that he has taken a job on the other side of the world. Theo was once upon a time Daryl‘s best friend until the friendship went South. Now he is Lexie‘s business partner, Connor‘s father figure and a great support for them both. After a night of drinking Lexie and Theo take their friendship to the next level. Not wanting to ruin the friendship they decide to enter into a friends with benefits relationship, and I’m sure you know where that’s going. Sounds fairly predictable, right? It is SO NOT! This book will take you on a heartwarming journey filled with the warm fuzzies and oodles of love. Absolutely loved both Lexie and Theo, but Connor stole my heart. His secondary storyline was so wonderful for so many reasons. A fun, feel good, laugh out loud romcom with a HUGE heart.

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*** Big thank you to Hera for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

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Author Bio – Lisa Swift grew up in rural West Yorkshire in the UK, right in the heart of Brontë country… and she’s still there. After graduating from Durham University with a degree in English Literature, she dallied with living in cities including London, Nottingham and Cambridge, but eventually came back with her own romantic hero in tow to her beloved Dales, where she first started telling stories about heroines with flaws and the men who love them.

Lisa also writes romantic comedies under the pen name Mary Jayne Baker.

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