A Real Royal Christmess by Linda West **Book Review** @rararesources

Happy Friday y’all!

Well it is officially Christmas shopping season! I have a few gifts purchased and a few more to go. It will definitely not be the typical Christmas this year but as long as we’re all healthy it’s all good!🛍🎁

A Real Royal Christmess

Jess is trying to win back her boyfriend, who dumped her for being boring. Jamie is trying to complete his father’s bucket list before he takes the Crown. Both of them are hiding who they truly are, and when the truth is discovered, it’s a real royal Christmess!

My Thoughts

Once Upon a Time in an apartment in Manhattan lived a girl named Jess. Jess is a good person, a loyal friend, a reliable employee, and a little naïve. One day while at the office Christmas party Jess finds out that her “boyfriend“ is an evil man. When evil man Colin receives the promotion that Jess has been working to help him earn, he informs Jess that he is taking the promotion and moving away without her. Jess is crushed but luckily her fairy godbestie Molly has just won a glamorous trip to an enchanted Vermont resort. So the girls head to Vermont for a girl’s getaway. Jess is determined to shed her predictable persona and engage in extreme winter activities. On her first day on the Vermont slopes she runs literally into the handsome but annoying Jamie. But little does Jess know that Jamie is a prince in disguise. A girl… a prince… a snowboard… a hot air balloon… a toboggan… a hamburger… truffles… Romance… secrets… Will these to get there happily ever after? Or will their hearts be frozen forever?

This was a cute and cozy winter Romance. Jess and Jamie were both likable characters and quite adorable together. The story was packed with the perfect blend of humor and romance. It was fun to join these characters on their winter adventures. And if Christmas Romance is not your thing this really is more of a winter romance Christmas is kind of an afterthought.

This book in emojis ❄️ 🏔 🛷 🏂 🤴🏼 🍔

*** Big thank you to the author for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

Purchase Links 

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08KTMFCK4 

US – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08KTMFCK4 

Author Bio 

Linda West is the best selling author of the adorable and enchanting “Christmas Kisses and Cookies.” It is a delightful series of holiday romances based around the town of Kissing Bridge and the magical Landers sisters who are the reigning blue ribbon cookie queens thanks to their mothers’ ‘special’ recipe book. 

Linda was the owner of Mayberry – a celebrity-filled restaurant in Malibu where many of her recipes enchanted the regulars such as Tom Hanks and Anthony Hopkins to name a few. Her recipes are sprinkled throughout her fiction books much to the delight of her fans.

Her newest venture is in the cozy mystery and humor genre. With – Death by Crockpot – the first in her newest series -Linda takes her favorite known characters from Kissing Bridge and throws them into some side-splitting funny adventures. 

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