Boomerville At Ballymegille by Caroline James **Book Review** @rararesources

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This was such a fun uplifting feel good book! I love when books are about characters of a certain age, because apparently I am now a person of that certain age.🙋🏻‍♀️



Boomerville at Ballymegille

Boomerville is back!

Join Hattie and Jo as they head to Southern Ireland to open Boomerville Manor, a holiday retreat for guests of ‘a certain age’. There’s Irish craic and shenanigans aplenty for the colourful cast of characters as everyone gathers for the grand opening.

Meet Melissa, an ex-cabaret singer running from her abusive husband, and Bill, a bachelor bullied from beyond the grave by the ghostly voice of his mother. Along with local bobby Harry the Helmet, ageing aquatic team the Boomerville Babes, eccentric artist Lucinda Gray, and heartthrob Finbar Murphy, they gather in Ireland and the fun begins. But murder is in the air and there’s mischief afoot. Will the residents get more than they bargained for at Boomerville?

Set in the beautiful Irish countryside, ‘Boomerville at Ballymegille’ is a heart-warming story of friendship, fears and new beginnings.

My Thoughts

Witty, whimsical, and wonderful. This is the follow up to The Best Boonerville Hotel. However, you don’t need to have read the first book to enjoy this one I think the author did a good job of catching you up in the beginning of the book. This time Jo and Hattie are expanding their hotel business and opening a hotel in Ireland. The Boomerville Hotels cater to people of a certain age. In this book we are also introduced to a new cast of colorful characters visiting the hotel. The overall tone of the book is uplifting and humorous, but there is some heavier subject matter woven in. We meet Mellisa who has just left her abusive husband of many years and Bill who has had a toxic relationship with his parents with who he still lives. Both these subjects were handled gently and thoughtfully in a hopeful manner. There is also a generous dose of adorable furry friends in this book. This book is an absolute delight a true pick me up.

*** Big thank you to Books Go Social for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

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About the author:

Best-selling author of women’s fiction, Caroline James has owned and run businesses encompassing all aspects of the hospitality industry, a subject that often features in her novels. She is based in the UK but has a great fondness for travel and escapes whenever she can.

A public speaker, which includes talks and lectures on cruise ships world-wide, Caroline is also a consultant and food writer. She is a member of the Romantic Novelist’s Association, the Society of Women’s Writer’s & Journalists and the Society of Authors and writes articles and short stories, contributing to many publications. Caroline also runs writing workshops.

In her spare time, Caroline can be found walking up a mountain with her two Westie dogs, sipping raspberry gin or relaxing with her head in a book and hand in a box of chocolates.

Books by Caroline James:

Hattie Goes to Hollywood

The Best Boomerville Hotel

Coffee Tea the Gypsy & Me

Coffee Tea the Chef & Me

Coffee Tea the Caribbean & Me

Jungle Rock


Twitter: @CarolineJames12

Facebook: Caroline James Author

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The Ticklemore Toy Shop by Liz Davies **Book Review** @rararesources

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I’ve got another feel good festive read for you today!🎄

The Ticklemore Christmas Toy Shop

You’re never too old to fall in love…

There is a disturbance in the force and octogenarian Hattie Jenkins can feel it in her water. Still active and spritely, she guesses that the miserable-looking gentleman sitting morosely in the café where she works, might be the reason.

Widowed Alfred Miller has recently moved in with his daughter because she is worried that he’s becoming too frail and forgetful to look after himself. And he’s not in the least bit happy about it, especially since his home is soon be cleared and sold.

But when he enlists Hattie’s help to save some of his precious belongings, he doesn’t realise that Hattie’s mission is to save more than a few sticks of furniture. She’s on a mission to save him, too.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Let your heart be light
From now on
Our troubles will be out of sight

These lyrics so accurately describe how I felt when reading this book. My heart was definitely merry and light and I had a feeling that my troubles could possibly soon be out of sight. And I think we all could use a little more comfort and cheer in our lives right now especially those of us in the US. Alfred has recently moved in with his daughter Sarah who is extremely concerned about her 80-year-old father‘s health. Alfred has not been the same since the death of his wife three years ago. He is pretty certain he does not have dementia and is less than thrilled with his daughter trying to micromanage his life. Hattie is a spry spunky 80-year-old who is still working at the local book/coffee shop. When she crosses paths with Alfred she is put off by his gruff exterior but sees the lonely man under all that grump. When Hattie discovers all the charming wooden toys Alfred has made throughout the years hiding in his shed she hatches a plan. With the help of many locals and the convincing of Alfred the Ticklemore Toy Shop is born. Hattie and Alfred will both find their way into your heart. They both are a little rough around the edges, but both also have huge hearts. The wooden toys sounded so wonderful I wanted to hop on line and look for this toyshop’s website so I could purchase one for myself. All the secondary characters were delightful, I particularly liked Lexi a 17-year-old who came to work in the toy shop. The village was as whimsical and festive as you want a small town to be during Christmas. The friendship/romance between Hattie and Alfred was so sweet and pure. This was such a lovely story perfect for a peaceful afternoon of reading.

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*** Big thank you to the author for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

My Thoughts

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Author Bio –

Liz Davies writes feel-good, light-hearted stories with a hefty dose of romance, a smattering of humour, and a great deal of love.

She’s married to her best friend, has one grown-up daughter, and when she isn’t scribbling away in the notepad she carries with her everywhere (just in case inspiration strikes), you’ll find her searching for that perfect pair of shoes. She loves to cook but isn’t very good at it, and loves to eat – she’s much better at that! Liz also enjoys walking (preferably on the flat), cycling (also on the flat), and lots of sitting around in the garden on warm, sunny days.

She currently lives with her family in Wales, but would ideally love to buy a camper can and travel the world in it.

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Home at Summer’s End by Alice Murray **Book Review** @bookouture

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If you are looking for a sweet small-town romance series do I have a series for you! This is the final book in the series, each can be read as a standalone, but I guarantee you will want to read them all!💐

My Thoughts

Fun and flirty! Hopeful and heartwarming! This is the final book in Alice Murray’s delightful small town Romance Full Bloom Farm series. Rose has been reluctant when it comes to love, but now that everyone around her has coupled up she’s beginning to considerate. But that doesn’t mean she wants to deal with her mother and sister’s constant meddling. So when her BFF Annie, the biggest Meddler of them all, offers to set her up with someone who is in town to film a movie Rose thinks this is the perfect opportunity to get everyone off her back. Rose wasn’t anticipating being set up with a famous movie star but fortunately he has ulterior motivs as well. Rose and Cole come up with a plan they will fake date so people aren’t feeling sorry for Rose for not having somebody and Cole can make his ex jealous. What Rose and Cole never expected was to find a connection. So can a small town florist and a big-time Hollywood star find true love?

Love this series and it was so fun being back in this delightful small town. Rose is such a great character and I was thrilled to finally get her story. I love the fake relationship trope and it was done so well in this book. This was such a sweet story, but I am so sad to see the series end.

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*** Big thank you to Bookouture for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

About the Book

Rose Anderson is done with being known as “the nice one” in the small town where she lives. She’s done with playing third, fifth, seventh wheel at loud gatherings on her family’s flower farm. And most of all, she is done with the pitying looks she gets about her single status from the way-too-interested townsfolk.

Busy with her flower-arranging business, Rose has no time for a man, thank you very much. And it has nothing to do with the scars she still nurses from her last breakup. So when she meets Cole McKittrick, Rose gets an idea. But first she needs to get beneath his aloof exterior and convince him to agree…

Cole McKittrick is trying to keep calm. So what if he quit a steady job for a shot at his dream, was dumped and his move to Yokel County, California is bringing back childhood memories he’d rather forget? It’s all about perspective. He doesn’t want to get any more involved in this town than he has to be, so his first instinct is to push Rose Anderson and her intriguing idea away. But the woman won’t get gone, and then she makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

The two are soon neck deep in deception, playing up a starry-eyed romance in public while they clash wits and wills in private. But Cole has been hiding a big secret from Rose about his past. And when Rose finds out could it spell the end for their picture-perfect romance, or will she realize that he has taken over not just her home, but also her heart…?

A fun, charming romance about family and finding the one, perfect for fans of Robyn Carr, Debbie Macomber and Carolyn Brown.  

Author Bio:
Alys Murray is an author who writes for the romantic in all of us. Though she graduated with a degree in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and a Master’s in Film Studies from King’s College London, her irrepressible love of romance led her to a career as an author, and she couldn’t be happier to write these stories! Currently splitting time between her home state of Louisiana and London, she enjoys kissing books, Star Wars, and creating original pie recipes for all of her books. Tobey Maguire is her Spider-Man. 
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Christmas at Fireside Cabins by Jenny Hail **Book Review** @bookouture

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Excited to share with you today my review for this delightful cozy romance!🎄

My Thoughts

Romance, friendship, and holiday cheer. Jenny Hail is truly the queen of the cozy romance. Lila and her three friends head to small town Tennessee to spend the holidays in a quaint cottage. However when they get there the cottage is not quite as advertised. But after meeting Eleanor the owner of the cottages Lila recognizes a kindred lonely soul and insists that they stay. What follows is a sweet story full of festivd activities, found family, healing, and romance. Lila was a wonderful character with such a huge heart. Theo Took me a little longer to warm up to, but I knew under all that grump was a good guy. Loved all the fun festive Christmas activities this small town had to offer. There was such a comfortable warm holiday vibe to this story. This is the perfect book to cuddle up with a cozy blanket and cup of hot chocolate with.

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*** Big thank you to Bookouture for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

About the Book

Escape to the idyllic small town of Pinewood Hills in this enchanting romance, about falling in love under the mistletoe with a sprinkle of Christmas magic…

For Lila Evans, Christmas is the toughest time of year––a heartbreaking reminder of losing her father, and just how lonely she is… This year, she’s organized a blissful getaway with her closest friends: just the remedy for the December blues.

The countryside resort of Fireside Cabins, tucked away in the snowy Tennessee hills, seems like this year’s perfect setting to get into the festive spirit. But it’s far from a winter wonderland––the crumbling cottage is falling apart, and the owner, a widow named Eleanor Finely, confesses that the cabins are on the brink of closure. Lila and her friends should pack their bags right there and then, but Lila can’t bear to leave the tearful elderly woman. She clearly has no one, and Lila, more than anyone, knows how that feels.

In search of holiday cheer, the women find a local coffee shop. But the rugged, surly owner Theo Perry has an apparent aversion to Christmas, seeming downright angry when Lila asks for a peppermint latte. No one in the area knows who he is––but it’s clear he’s running from something.

Yet there’s more to this small town than Theo’s frosty reception. As much as his coldness infuriates her, Lila can’t deny that on the rare occasions when he does smile, it feels like coming home. Plus, the cabins are just calling for some festive sparkle.

And, unexpectedly, Pinewood Hills could hold a new beginning for Lila… But can she save Fireside Cabins in time for Christmas? With a dusting of festive magic, spiced apple cider and sugarplum pie, could this be the first holiday she doesn’t spend alone?

Indulge in this glittering page-turner that might just prove, at this magical time of year, that almost anything is possible. Christmas at Fireside Cabins is the perfect holiday treat for fans of Debbie Macomber, Susan Mallery and Sheila Roberts.

About the Author


Author Bio: 

Jenny Hale is a USA Today, Amazon, and international bestselling author of romantic contemporary fiction. Her books have sold worldwide, have been translated into multiple languages, and adapted for television. Her novels Coming Home for Christmas and Movie Guide Epiphany Award winner Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses are Hallmark Channel original movies.

She was included in Oprah Magazine’s “19 Dreamy Summer Romances to Whisk You Away” and Southern Living’s “30 Christmas Novels to Start Reading Now.” Her stories are chock-full of feel-good romance and overflowing with warm settings, great friends, and family. Jenny is at work on her next novel, delighted to be bringing even more heartwarming stories to her readers.

When she isn’t writing, or heading up her romantic fiction imprint Harpeth Road, she can be found running around her hometown of Nashville with her husband, two boys, and their labradoodle, taking pictures–her favorite pastime.


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