Never Say No by Elizabeth Neep **Book Review** @bookouture

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My Thoughts

An engaging story with a Devil Wears Prada vibe. Elizabeth Neep once again completely entertained me with her fabulous storytelling. Hailey has just made a major life move. She is starting a new job at a top law firm with the only and first female partner at the firm, Vivian. Wanting to make a good impression Hailey is willing to do everything and anything, even if that includes a whole lot of nothing except fetching coffee. Then one day Hailey finds her boss in a compromising position and soon thereafter she is Vivian‘s right hand woman. But success at work leads to sacrifice of her personal life. Her long time boyfriend Dom and best friend Sophie are patient and supportive. BUT hailey starts to push things a little too far as she begins to wonder if she wants more out of life? But is the grass really greener on the other side of the boardroom?

What a treat this book was! Loved Hailey and loved hating Vivian. Hailey was so conflicted about what she wanted out of life, so trapped by the need to please everyone. Dom and Sophie were great characters so supportive. It was interesting watching Hailey’s inner conflict between the shiny and new and the old and comfortable. My only small complaint with the book is I wish Dom were better developed as a character. I really got that he was a good guy and cared for Hailey but I would’ve liked to have seen a little more depth to his personality. This wasn’t the story I was anticipating when I started this book, what I got was so much more!

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*** Big thank you to Bookouture for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

About the Book

It’s always been yes. Yes, I’ll be your friend. Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend. Yes, I’ll move in with you. Yes, yes, yes. I can’t just change my mind now. Can I?

Hailey has always been told she can have it all. And saying yes to every opportunity that comes her way seems like the obvious way to make sure she gets it.

When she finds an engagement ring hidden in her boyfriend Dom’s closet, she knows she’ll say yes.

Her best friend Sophie suggests they run a marathon together and although Hailey hasn’t done more than sprint for a bus in years, she says yes.

And every time her new boss, the infamous Vivian Jones, asks her to stay late (again) at her dream job, the answer is always yes.

But somewhere between saying ‘yes’ to Vivian’s latest demands and still trying to make it home on time for boxsets and burritos on the sofa with Dom, Hailey has lost sight of what she really wanted in the first place.

Far from winning at life, Hailey feels like she is fighting to juggle two very different worlds. When those worlds finally collide, could having it all actually mean losing everything?

Fans of Mhairi McFarlane, Holly Bourne and The Devil Wears Prada will adore this funny, heart-felt and honest look at navigating those moments in life where you reach a crossroads and have to decide who and what it is you want to be.  

Elizabeth Neep was born in 1990 in Derbyshire and now lives in London Bridge. After studying Law at the University of Nottingham and the University of New South Wales, she worked in magazine journalism, most noticeably writing for Dazed and Confused and PETRIe. Elizabeth now works as a non-fiction Senior Commissioning Editor and writes and paints in her spare time. 

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