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The Greatest Of Enemies

Get ready for fireworks as two women with very different personalities become housemates!
Bex has settled in well into the small town of Abbeyglen. Yes, she misses her housemate Holly, but she has plenty to do what with the setup of the new Caulfield’s café, her blogging and of course her work in Blackwater Financial Services.
Louise is shocked when she arrives in the town of Abbeyglen to find it has changed, everything looks too new and shiny, and who is this person in Holly’s apartment?!
With Bex’s bff heading for domestic bliss, some unwelcome changes in work, and now the arrival of eternally negative Louise, can Bex remain her usual chirpy self or will handbags at dawn, daytime and night-time too bring out a side to her she never knew existed?
For fans of Sophie Kinsella, Christie Barlow and Rosie Green.

(This is book 2 of a series but can be read on it’s own if you are so inclined!)

My Thoughts

What a little gem! This was such a fun book, an engaging enemies to friends story. So Louise and Bex are both friends of Holly from the previous book in the series. *you do not have to have read that book to enjoy this one!* In the previous book Holly won the lottery and now she is out adventuring The world. Bex is now living in her house, but Louise did not know this when she returneds home in shame. Louise was planning on living with her Bestie Holly and now she has to live with little miss sunshine… Bex. Two more different women there couldnt possibly be. So living together is challenging to say the least. This was fun and humorous and nostalgic. If you’ve ever had a roommate you will definitely appreciate this little book. Even if you get along with your roommate there still are those moments. There is a dash of romance but this really is more about these two women and them trying to figure out how to coexist. Bex was great she was somebody I could definitely see myself being friends with, Louise on the other hand I had a harder time connecting with. But I do have to say by the end I liked both these ladies and wanted nothing but the best for them. Looking forward to what B. R. Maycock has in store for us next in this charming series.

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Author Bio – When B R Maycock (Berni to all you lovely people!) isn’t dreaming up vibrant leads for romantic comedies, she’s ingesting books for her blog (, in particular chick lit (her first love!) books, romantic comedies and thrillers. She can also be found playing footie or watching Marvel, DC or Star Wars movies and cartoons in Co. Westmeath, Ireland with her brilliantly out there husband, Keith, and their four epic little men.

Her debut ‘It Started With A Snub’ and Christmas romantic comedy ‘Snowday’ are available now on Amazon, as is Pushing Her Luck, the first of a series about AbbeyGlen Village, whose luck is about to change …

She has one goal and that’s simply to make readers smile and/ or laugh (a splutter rates highest;)).

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