Space Academy by Hannah Hopkins **Guest Post** @rararesources

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Excited to share this interesting guest post with you today. Really made me think about what I do to deal with my anxiety. I think my favorite way to deal is to curl up with a good book. I can tell I get moody and stressed when I haven’t had enough reading time in the day.

Space Academy

It’s the year 2100. Earth is dying. A young woman, Elsie, has risked everything to get her newborn son, Will, aboard ‘The Mayflower’ – a spaceship that will transport a select number of people to a new planet they can call home. Elsie’s luck takes a turn when she discovers the captain of ‘The Mayflower’ is an old friend. He allows her to board with her son, giving them a place on the luxurious Floor One, where they live amongst the most honoured of ‘The Mayflower’s’ passengers.

Thirteen years later, and Will is ready to start school at Space Academy, an institute specialising in subjects such as Alien Studies, Technology, and Rocket Control. While a pupil there, Will starts to uncover secrets about his father’s death, becoming wrapped in a mystery that he and his friends must solve if they are to have any hope of saving humanity from the threat that lies in wait.

Lose yourself in this brilliantly addictive novel as it takes you on a journey through the stars. But be warned – you might be surprised by what you find.

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Author Bio – In 2017, Hannah Hopkins released a self-published novel entitled ‘The Split’; the story of four teenagers navigating life after Earth as they journey through space to a new planet. Two years later, the book was picked up by ‘The Conrad Press’ and re-vamped as ‘Space Academy,’ with a new cover, new title and new additions to the story. ‘Space Academy’ was released in 2020, kickstarting Hannah’s career as a writer.

Hannah is currently busy writing a historical fiction novel with a feminist twist. She spends the rest of her time working at a University and caring for her two young children in the UK.

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Guest Post

Why Writing is a Form of Personal Therapy

It’s a well-known truth that writing is an extremely cathartic process, allowing authors to work through their issues in a unique and satisfying way, but what is it about creative writing that provides such a healing experience? Is it a conscious process, or do we find our thoughts and fears escaping onto the page without our knowledge? In this guest post, I am excited to explore the different ways in which writing has been like therapy for me, and how my pain has influenced my characters and stories in ways I never anticipated.

The idea behind my novel ‘Space Academy’ was conceived as an escape fantasy, the anxiety-inducing condition of the world at the time I wrote it leading me to imagine a way humanity could escape Earth and try again, our virtues hopefully winning the battle against our flaws as we learnt from the mistakes that lead to our planet’s corruption. Consciously, I wanted to keep Space Academy light. I had just had my son, and the idea that the world he was growing up in had so many frightening problems was hard to face. I wanted to provide hope for myself, and for my potential readers.

Despite this, some of my concerns ended up slipping into the narrative. One of the characters, Finley, experience socio-economic oppression, with the class system still very much alive aboard ‘The Mayflower’. Having the shared experience of journeying through space to find a new planet is not enough to stop humanity’s survivors from creating division amongst themselves. This was very much a manifestation of underlying thoughts and feeling I had about society when I was writing the book. I countered my anxiety by weaving in an overarching message of hope. The idea that love, friendship and compassion win over hatred and fear is an old but comforting notion, and I deliberately made the characters in my book strive to do better than their counterparts left behind on Earth.

Pouring out pain and traumatic experiences onto the page allows a sense of relief, in a similar way to talking therapy. A writer can express their true feelings on a situation without worrying about judgement, and exploring emotions through the medium of a fictional character can provide distance and clarity that cannot always be found subjectively. It also feels good to utilise pain and difficulties! Turning some of my most challenging life events into inspiration for books I’m proud of gives a new sense of purpose to my suffering. If writing about it can help both me and someone else, it provides closure and satisfaction.

It’s not just writing fiction that can provide therapy, however. I think journaling is a really healthy and helpful thing to do. There is something about putting your thoughts onto paper or typing them out that helps make sense of muddled feelings, and it really is true that a problem shared is a problem halved- even if you only share it with a piece of paper.

To conclude, it would definitely be fair to say that when you pick up a copy of my book, you’ll end up learning a lot more about me than I intended, but I am happy to make myself vulnerable in the name of creativity and a good story! And if you find something you can relate to, or you find solace in knowing you are not alone, then it is absolutely worth it.

Cornish Dreams at Cockleshell Cove by Liz Hurley **Book Review** @rararesources

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I am loving this series! The sisters are the best, cannot wait to see what’s in store for them next!

Cornish Dreams At Cockleshell Cottage

Sitting alongside the beach and just up from the gently lapping waves, sat a perfect cottage. She had found where she was going to live. Her own little cockleshell cove.

Ever since the Byrne sisters – Ariana, Aster, Clem, Paddy and Nic – discovered they were heiresses to the vast Hiverton fortune, their lives have never been the same. No longer living in poverty in London, they now own an estate in Norfolk, a castle in Scotland and a picturesque village in Cornwall.

When sensitive Paddy, the baby of the family despite her successful career as a model, swaps the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week for the cobbled lanes of Tregisky on the beautiful Cornish coast, it’s time for her to stand on her own two feet.

Soon, she’s settled in her new home of Cockleshell Cottage overlooking the wild surf, the seals her closest companions.

And when she meets ex-soldier Hal, she’s instantly smitten. Funny, considerate, and not to mention drop dead gorgeous, he’s perfect in every way apart from one – he’s engaged. But after a misunderstanding brings the two together in ways they couldn’t have imagined, it seems like they might just change each other’s lives.

Will Paddy fall in love with more than just the glorious blue skies of Cornwall? Or are there storm clouds gathering ahead?

Escape to the Cornish coast this summer with this completely uplifting romcom – perfect for fans of Holly Martin, Phillipa Ashley and Milly Johnson.

My Thoughts

Loved the second book in this charming series. Liz Hurley has written another whimsical romantic tale. In The first book of the series we Met Ari and her sisters. Ari had just inherited a load of money and a family title. The girls were adjusting to their new found wealth and responsibilities over all their newly inherited properties. Ari also found love in the first book, and now it is Patty’s turn. Patty is an X model who is now in charge of the families property in Cornwall. Patty meets Hal when the two of them are extras in a German television show, playing the parts of bride and groom. There is instant chemistry between Patty and Hal, and before the night is done they find themselves in between the sheets. Everything seems to be going well until… Hal’s fiancé calls. Patty acts how you would expect and sends Hal packing. What follows is a sweet, somewhat complicated, Occasionally frustrating, push and pull between Patty and Hal.

Love these sisters and it was fun to get to know Patty better in this book. She sure did get herself into one heck of a mess, but I did enjoy watching her try to get herself out of it. Hal confused me, I really wanted to like the guy, but wow he was engaged to one witchy woman. Not to mention he wasn’t completely honest with Patty from the beginning. There is so much love in this book both romantic and familial. Also loved how the Cornish community was brought into the story. An engaging story, can’t wait to see which sister gets there HEA next? My guess is Nikk with Hal’s friend Jamie?

This book in emojis 👰🏼 🏊‍♀️ 🏖 🍷 🤰🏻

*** Big thank you to Hera Books for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

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Author Bio – Heroines with grit, gumption and good old-fashioned gorgeousness!

Liz Hurley writes exciting and heart warming stories that will make you cheer and laugh.

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What I’m Looking For by Karen Grey @KarenWhitereads @TheRealJoeArden #AudiobookReview

Hello book friends, I hope you are all well?

I was asked by the lovely Karen White (Pen name Karen Grey) to review this wonderful audiobook, and I’m so glad I said YES, as it was so good!!

Also, just look at that stunning cover!!!


My Review

This book was so much fun, taking us back to the 80’s we meet the very awkward Kate Bishop, she is a financial analyst working in an all male office. She tries her best to fit in and be one-of-the-boys, but she mostly fails miserably.

She is brilliant at her job, but she has problems with speaking in front of people, and has trouble with social cues.

While trying to impress her work colleagues, she agrees to go to a social gathering at the local bar, this is where she meets Will, an actor/bartender, who notices how uncomfortable she is, and offers her a drink that won’t end up with her on the bar floor as she really doesn’t do well with alcohol.

Although these two people shouldn’t fit together they do brilliantly, Kate being her usual awkward self doesn’t immediately see the connection, while the Shakespeare spouting young Will does feel a spark.

With lots of 80’s references throughout the book, and the narration by the always brilliant Joe Arden, and the fabulous narration by the author herself, Karen Grey/White has made an instant new fan in me.

It was cute, very funny, and sometimes cringeworthy with some of the characters antics!

The audiobook was done brilliantly, and I loved the added extras such as the answering machine voicemails that were left, it made me very nostalgic.

All in all it was a great read, and I can’t wait to see what the author comes up with next, I wonder if we will have a story for “hot Steve”?

**Thank you so much to Karen White/Grey for reaching out and asking me to review this book, I had so much fun listening to it**



Recipe for a Boston Classic Cocktail: one part finance geek, one part starving actor, two shots of stubborn and a healthy squeeze of passion. Shake well and serve in a vintage glass.

When Kate Bishop walks into Boston’s famous Bull and Finch pub, all she’s looking for is one guy from her investment firm that she can trust to have her back—a tall order. With a salesman at her side, maybe stage fright won’t paralyze her completely when she presents her meticulously prepared research to clients. And maybe she can save her job.

Romance is the last thing on her to-do list, but a meet-cute with a Shakespeare-quoting bartender has her speculating on the value of diversifying her life portfolio.

Will Talbot is not a fan of the slick financiers who cram into his bar after each day’s closing bell. With their calls for Harvey Wallbangers and their Hermès ties, they’re all the same.

Except for a certain beautiful, buttoned-up brunette with fire in her eyes and a storm in her heart. They’re totally wrong for each other. He should be focusing on his upcoming audition, not coaching Kate on how to act like she’s a bona fide member of the Gordon Gekko club.

Problem is, they can’t seem to stay away from each other.

The course of true love never did run smooth, but in this 1980’s sweet-and-sexy rom-com, returns on love can’t be measured on the S&P 500

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