Tea by the Sea by Donna Hemans **Book Review**

Happy Sunday afternoon all!

Excited to share with you today my review for this touching and heart wrenching story about a mothers love and determination.

My Thoughts

A tender, thoughtful, and powerful story about a mothers love. Donna Heman’s evocative storytelling completely drew me into this mother’s journey. Plum was a 17-year-old girl living in Jamaica away from her parents when she begins a relationship with an older man. When Plum finds herself pregnant she thinks this man is going to take care of her and her baby. But the man has other plans he kidnapps the baby from the hospital and Plum goes home to Brooklyn heartbroken and alone. Over the years Plum thinks of her baby often wondering how her life is and hiring private investigators to find her. Then one day Plum spots a picture of the man in the newspaper and heads back to Jamaica to find her daughter. What follows is a tender and emotional story about the strength of a mothers love and the power of her determination. Plum is living every mothers nightmare and there were moments in the story I just had to put the book down because I was just so devastated for her. This is a book that really made me think about why bad things happen to good people? Plum had such a big heart and that made this story so much harder. However I’d like to emphasize this is really a story of love and hope above all. And even though there are some emotional moments it really was a beautiful story about the power of motherhood.

About the Book

TEA BY THE SEA is a literary novel, a story of a family uniting and unraveling told seamlessly and with smart, clear prose.  From Brooklyn to the island of Jamaica, TEA BY THE SEA traces Plum Valentine’s circuitous route to find her daughter and the child’s father, who walked out of a hospital with the day-old baby girl without explanation. Seventeen years later, weary of her unfruitful search, Plum sees an article in a community newspaper with a photo of the man for whom she has spent half her life searching. He has become an Episcopal priest. Her plan: confront him and walk away with the daughter he took from her. Instead, Plum finds herself locked in his church with her daughter and by the time it’s all over, Plum is the one in the back seat of a police car facing charges. TEA BY THE SEA is a poignant, multilayer story, that is beautifully written and touches on so many important and relevant issues including immigration, family secrets, mother-daughter relationships, parental kidnapping , betrayal and motherhood.

Have a beautiful day! XOXO Berit 💕

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