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Well our crazy world just got even crazier. I really have no words, but I do know I am very grateful for books that offer me an escape from reality.☮️

Heart and the City (Book 1 in the Love Medicine series

British doctor Lea Holm has come to New York to work in her chosen field of emergency medicine. She loves her new life in this exciting city and can’t wait to get started with her research project. The last thing she needs are distractions.

But then she meets famous actor Ricco Como in her building – a distraction if ever there was one. He’s gorgeous and sweet, and there’s an immediate connection between them. Lea tries to resist temptation, but when he comes to her for help dealing with his steadily worsening migraine she can’t turn away from his plight.

As Ricco’s health takes a turn for the worse, their lives become more and more entwined. But can their growing attraction withstand the strain of his ill health, and can he let Lea be more than just his doctor?

**This novella series contains detailed descriptions of long-term health conditions, cheating and a bereavement.**

The series is set in New York City and was written before COVID-19. It makes no reference to recent events.

Purchase Link – http://getbook.at/heartandthecity

Author Bio –

Cecilia Fyre is the pen name of a romance author trying out something new.

She likes sunny, crisp autumn days. Cups of hot cocoa with little marshmallows floating on top. The roaring of the sea. Laughing until your face hurts. The silence when you curl up with a good book. 

Her stories are about people. Some of them are strange, some think they’re boring. They all have secrets, they’re all scared sometimes. Cecilia writes about life, about love. About how hard it is to do it right. Usually, there’s a happy ending, or at least there might be one, someday.

But life’s not all sunshine and roses, and that’s why Cecilia tells her stories.

In the real world, Cecilia lives in England.

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The shift seemed to have gone on forever. Lea put the clipboard on the front desk and stretched, a hand on her back. She winced as her sternum cracked.

Why was she so tired? She should be used to being on her feet for twelve hours. But today her lower back hurt, her feet ached and she just wanted to crawl into bed.

Her cell buzzed. The sound still startled her. She wasn’t used to having her phone during work. But now that Ricco was in her life, and his availability was unpredictable, she’d started carrying it during shifts.

This shift was as good as over, so Lea allowed herself to peek at the screen. It was a text message from Ricco, and her heart beat faster.

Hey baby girl, how’s work? U got 10 mins, can I call u? X

Lea frowned. In the last couple of weeks he’d started calling her baby girl, especially if he had bad news. Still, a message from him gave her butterflies. And it was unlikely that his news were migraine-related, or he would’ve called, no matter what she was doing.

She wrote back, Just finishing handover. Will call you in 15 mins. x

Lea took care not to let her mind wander while she gave the day shift instructions. Only when she was confident that she had delivered a good handover did she hurry into the junior doctor’s changing rooms.

Ricco answered on the first ring. “Morning, doc.”

“Morning,” she said. “You’re up early. It’s five am.”

“Couldn’t sleep, there’s too much to do.”

“Don’t give yourself another migraine over it,” she admonished.

“Good point.” He sighed. “Listen, babe. Some stuff’s come up. Travel show shit, someone fucked up and we gotta smooth things out before we can move ahead.”

This sounded ominous. Lea’s heart fell. “If it’s not convenient for me to come to Ottawa tomorrow, don’t worry about it,” she said, even though it was hard not to show her disappointment. “We’ll do it another time.”

There came another sigh. “I hate this, y’know,” he said. “I want you here so much. Finally show you the place.”

“Hey, they’re not gonna ban foreigners from visiting Canada anytime soon, are they?” she joked. “I’ll come next time you’ve got a few days to spare, don’t worry.”

“You’re the best,” he said in a quiet voice, sounding relieved.

“I know I am.” She had to make light, it wouldn’t help if he was upset. “Wouldn’t be much fun sitting in your house while you get drunk with suits.”

“Ha-ha.” His laugh was subdued, but at least it was a laugh.

“Listen, I’m really tired,” she said. “And I still have to drive home. Call me tonight?”

“Will do, babe. Drive safe, and get some real sleep, okay?”

“Hark who’s talking,” she sighed. “Have a good day, darling.”

“Speak later.”

“Bye.” Lea thumbed the phone off, disappointment bubbling inside her. She hadn’t wanted to make him feel bad, so she had kept a lid on it, but the thought of going to Ottawa had sustained her all week.

It had only been two weeks since the jazz club. A few days together without distraction was what they needed to see where things would be going from here. They both wanted things to work, but if they couldn’t spend any time together, that would be difficult.

But there was nothing to be done just now. Lea yawned, and changed into her street clothes. She had to get to bed, she was beat.

When she emerged from the changing room ten minutes later she noticed several of her colleagues staring at her. What was going on? Had she – her heart lurched – left the changing room without putting her jeans on? She looked down to check. Well, it wasn’t that, thank goodness. Kathy, her favorite nurse, beckoned her over to reception. A long, white box sat atop the counter.

“You got an admirer, Dr. Holm?” asked one of the day shift nurses and giggled.

“What do you mean?” Lea stared at her, then at the box, dread forming in her gut.

Kathy pointed at the box. “It’s addressed to you. Open it!”

Confused, Lea did so without thinking. When the lid came off she gasped, along with the nurses.

A dozen long-stemmed red roses nestled in white tulle paper, looking more expensive than any present Lea had ever gotten. Dazed, she picked up a small, gold-embossed card.

Sorry doc… x Before anyone could peek at it, Lea slipped it into her pocket.

“Who are they from?” The day nurse’s voice was hushed.

“No idea,” Lea lied. “No name on the card. Excuse me.” She snatched up the box, lid on akimbo, and hurried away without another word.

When she got to her car she bundled herself in and dumped the box onto the passenger seat. Then she sat there, out of breath from fleeing at high speed. After a minute she lifted the crumpled lid an inch. The red petals glinted through the gap. Lea snatched her hand away as if scalded.

That had been a real shock. Sure, Ricco was sweet and thoughtful, and he was sorry that they wouldn’t see each other this weekend. But why this grand gesture? They’d already talked on the phone, and he’d apologized. And why send the flowers to her workplace? Did he want everyone to know about the two of them? Maybe he did. They hadn’t discussed it. The possibility made her heart race.

Or was this another case of Ricco thinking he had to mollify her with an expensive gift? That she expected something like this?

Her phone buzzed. Lea flinched. It was another text from Ricco. U got them yet? They okay? Do u like them? Is it too much? X

Lea smiled. He was sweet, that silly doofus. And he seemed as much at sea with their thing as she was. She typed a reply. They’re quite something. My colleagues were impressed!

His response came within seconds. Too much, I knew it! Damn… I’m sorry?

Guilt churned in her gut. Sure, the roses were overkill, but he shouldn’t feel bad. Course not. I love them. Speak later, okay? x

Okay. I’ll call u. Sleep well! X

Shaking her head Lea put the phone away. It would take a while for him to believe that she didn’t need grand gestures. And she had to work on not freaking out about a gift. She glanced in the box again. The roses were exquisite.

Shame she had no vase for them, never mind a suitably grand place to put them on display.

Have a peaceful day and stay safe! XOXO Berit☮️