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Hello book friends, I hope you are all doing well?

While I’m in lockdown I’ve been getting through some great reads, this one was no exception.


This book starts with every parent’s nightmare, Marin our MC of this story is currently Christmas shopping with her 4 year old little boy Sebastian, Bash for short, it’s busy and there are people everywhere. She gets a text from her husband Derek, and takes her eyes off of Bash for 1 minute while she answers it, when she looks down, Bash is not there!

Jumping forward to over a year later, the FBI are still coming up with nothing, Bash is still missing, Marin is barely making it through the day, and she has just found out from her Private Detective, that Derek is having an affair with an Instagram famous twenty-something year old!

Marin and Derek are very very wealthy, and this book just shows that money can’t buy you everything you want……or can it?

With twists and turns i didn’t see coming, this one will keep you up reading way past bedtime!

🎧 🎧

Narration for the audiobook was by Kirsten Potter and who did a fabulous job, I would certainly recommend listening to it.

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All it takes to unravel a life… is one home truth.

Marin used to have it all. She’s married to the love of her life, Derek, she owns a chain of upscale hair salons, and is admired in her community as head of a loving family. Until the world falls apart the day her son Sebastian is taken…

A year later, Marin is a shadow of herself. The police search has gone cold. The publicity has faded. She and her husband rarely speak. With her sanity ebbing, Marin hires a private investigator to pick up where the police left off.

But instead of finding Sebastian, she learns that Derek is having an affair with a much younger woman. This discovery sparks Marin back to life. She’s lost her son; she’s not about to lose her husband. Derek’s mistress is an enemy with a face, which means this is a problem Marin can fix. Permanently.

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