After the Accident by Kerry Wilkinson **Book Review** @bookouture

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My Thoughts

Clever, compelling, creative. Kerry Wilkinson has crafted a fresh story with a unique construct. The story was told in an interview style reminiscent of a documentary. I started this book in print and then I thought I go see if there was an audio version. I have to admit for me this worked a lot better on audio. It is narrated by multiple narrators and it was really like listening to a really well-done crime podcast. Kerry Wilkinson narrates A small part of the story, it was nice to hear his voice. I’ve read a few reviews that allude to this being based on a true story? I can’t find any information that would back this up, but it definitely reads as one. Dysfunction, deception, secrets, and lies.

Emma finds herself on a family vacation for the first time in years. She is there with her parents, her brother and his twin daughters, her fathers business partner and his wife, and his son and his wife. Emma has a past that people refer to, but you do not find out about it until later in the book. When Emma‘s father Jeff is found having fallen from a cliff (not dead, but in need of serious medical attention) Emma is the prime suspect. But Emma is adamant about her innocence and wonders if this has anything to do with a similar accident involving her father’s ex business partner resulting in his death many years ago. I really loved how the story was constructed. I was suspicious of every character and did not trust what any of them had to say. Well that is a lie, I did trust the twins Chloe and Amy(sort of). I found Emma to be the most likable of the characters. This could be because she was the primary focus, but I really did not want her to be the guilty party. An entertaining tale with a welcome twist. I don’t generally like to compare books, but this book reminded me of Daisy Jones in structure, but the story was entirely different. Strongly encourage you to do this one on audio, if that’s your thing.

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*** Big thank you to Bookouture for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

About the BookUnder a cloudless Mediterranean sky, two families wheel their suitcases past swaying palm trees towards their hotel to grab a spot by the pool. But behind the smiles, someone is hiding a terrible secret…


I never wanted to come on this trip. I thought the accident had torn us apart forever, but then my mother called out of the blue, wanting to make amends. So here we are, two families on a beautiful island, sipping sangria like nothing ever happened.


My parents’ oldest friend, Daniel, was invited too – I’ve never trusted him, and now he brings up my past mistake every chance he gets. And why does his son, Victor, keep disappearing off on his own?


Even my brother’s here, with his twins. It’s amazing to see my nieces playing happily in the pool. After what happened at home, it still hurts me to be around the girls, but more so that my brother doesn’t trust me alone with them.


Despite everything, it’s going surprisingly well – everyone forcing a smile at the dinner table, laughing at the twins’ antics – until the night my father is attacked on the beach, left for dead on the sand.


As always, all fingers point to me, but this time I know for certain that I’m innocent. And if I’m not guilty, someone else on this holiday is…


A unique and totally gripping psychological thriller that will have fans of T.M. Logan and The Girl on the Train racing through the pages late into the night.


Previously titled Seven Days in July.


About the Author

Kerry Wilkinson has had No.1 bestsellers in the UK, Canada, South Africa and Singapore, as well as top-five books in Australia. He has also written two top-20 thrillers in the United States.

As well as his million-selling Jessica Daniel series, Kerry has written the Silver Blackthorn trilogy – a fantasy-adventure serial for young adults – a second crime series featuring private investigator Andrew Hunter, plus numerous standalone novels. He has been published around the world in more than a dozen languages.

Originally from the county of Somerset, Kerry has spent far too long living in the north of England, picking up words like ‘barm’ and ‘ginnel’.

When he’s short of ideas, he rides his bike or bakes cakes. When he’s not, he writes it all down.

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