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Sorry for being MIA for a while, I’ve had a few things happening IRL, and in the middle of that I’ve also moved house, and been ill, so it’s been a stressful few weeks lol

Anyhoo, I thought I’d come back with a bang to give you my review of this fabulous read.

I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in the blog tour for this book, and as soon as I saw the author, I jumped at the chance to read it!


My Review

Prepare yourself for a roller coaster ride of a book, Mary Kubica has done it again!

Sadie and Will Foust and their kids have recently moved from the big bustling city of Chicago, to a sleepy coastal town in Maine, to a house that they have recently inherited.

To get to their new jobs, and also to the kids to school, they have to catch a ferry off of the island where they are living, they have also now have custody of Will’s Niece Imogen after his sister died unexpectedly, so there is plenty of stress around, and she is not the most welcoming person toward them all.

After only being there a few days, the family get a huge shock when one of their neighbours is murdered, and knowing that it must have happened in the night and that there isn’t a ferry off of the island until early in the morning, Sadie is aware that the murderer is/was still on the island, which triggers her anxiety.
Especially when it seems that the police seem to have the ridiculous notion that she had something to do with the murder, even though she’d never even met that neighbour, and that they are new to the town!

Sadie and the rest of the family were really hoping to have a fresh start, and thought that this would be it, they really needed it.

While we are watching the Faust family come apart thread by thread, we also get 2 other characters thrown in to the loop, Camille, Sadie’s former roommate and Mouse, a little girl who is being abused by her step mother.

How do they all fit together? And who the hell is the murderer?

Mary Kubica is the queen of twisty books, and this one was no different, it was creepy, very atmospheric, and I had no idea where it was going most of the time.

Grab this one as soon as you can and settle down for some serious page turning!

Vicci 📚💛✨

**Thank you to HQ Stories for my copy of this book**


About the Book

Propulsive and addictive, The Other Mrs. is the twisty new psychological thriller from Mary Kubica, the New York Times bestselling author of The Good Girl

She tried to run, but she can’t escape the other Mrs.

Sadie and Will Foust have only just moved their family from bustling Chicago to small-town Maine when their neighbor Morgan Baines is found dead in her home. The murder rocks their tiny coastal island, but no one is more shaken than Sadie.

But it’s not just Morgan’s death that has Sadie on edge. And as the eyes of suspicion turn toward the new family in town, Sadie is drawn deeper into the mystery of what really happened that dark and deadly night. But Sadie must be careful, for the more she discovers about Mrs. Baines, the more she begins to realize just how much she has to lose if the truth ever comes to light.

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The Widow’s Mite by Allie Cresswell **Book Review** @rararesources

Happy Sunday all!

This was such a cute quirky story that gives you some things to think about.🖤

The Widow’s Mite

Minnie Price married late in life. Now she is widowed. And starving.
No one suspects this respectable church-goer can barely keep body and soul together. Why would they, while she resides in the magnificent home she shared with Peter?
Her friends and neighbours are oblivious to her plight and her adult step-children have their own reasons to make things worse rather than better. But she is thrown a lifeline when an associate of her late husband arrives with news of an investment about which her step-children know nothing.
Can she release the funds before she finds herself homeless and destitute?

Fans of ‘The Hoarder’s Widow’ will enjoy this sequel, but it reads equally well as a standalone.

My Thoughts

This was a quaint quirky little story. Aa follow up to “The Hoarder’s Widow”, but it did work well as a standalone. The only thing is I would have liked a little more of

Maisie’s backstory. This is Maisie and Minnie’s story. Both these ladies have been recently widowed and are dealing with grief, adult children, financial issues, and moving on. Maisie’s story is told in the present. She discovered a big secret while cleaning up her deceased husband‘s stuff and now it is time to tell the children. Minnie’s story is told in the past. Even though it appears on the outside that Minnie is living a lavish life she is really having to pinch every penny. She is being swindled and her stepchildren are being horrific. Really made me think about how you really need to discuss death (as unpleasant as it is) with your loved ones.

I really liked both Maisie and Minnie and found their stories both heartwarming and heartbreaking. I really liked their friends as well (with the exception of one who was quite a witch). I also liked how resourceful Minnie was. And I can’t forget about her adorable dog who she had such an amazing bond with! There were some definite frustrating moments in the story, but the ending was perfection. I’m hoping there is a follow-up to this follow-up.

This book in emojis. 🖤 🧵 🐶 💸

*** Big thank you to the author for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

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Allie Cresswell was born in Stockport, UK and began writing fiction as soon as she could hold a pencil.

She did a BA in English Literature at Birmingham University and an MA at Queen Mary College, London.

She has been a print-buyer, a pub landlady, a book-keeper, run a B & B and a group of boutique holiday cottages. Nowadays Allie writes full time having retired from teaching literature to lifelong learners.

She has two grown-up children, two granddaughters, two grandsons and two cockapoos but just one husband – Tim. They live in Cumbria, NW England.

The Widow’s Mite is her tenth novel.

You can contact her via her website at

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