*Double Review* Death in the Family by Tessa Wegert & The Antidote for Everything by Kimmery Martin @berkleypub

Happy Thursday!

Thought I’d give you a double feature today! These books are both very different, but what they have in common is they both kept me riveted, and I read them each in almost one sitting. I was so captivated.🔍👩🏻‍⚕️

Death in the Family

Tents, atmospheric, claustrophobic. This was a cleverly crafted locked room who done it. This is the first book in Tessa Wegert’s new crime thriller series and I have to say the series is off to a great start! Detective Shana Merchant has relocated to upstate New York after being kidnapped by a serial killer. She is still dealing with her demons and is grateful for her sleepy small-town surroundings. Then one stormy day she and her partner Tim receive a call out to a private island, someone has been murdered. When they get there they find a bloody bed, no body, and a house full of suspects.

I loved the classic old-fashioned Agatha Christie vibe of the story. A highly dysfunctional family filled with suspects, gloomy stormy weather and an island with no way off. Shana was a strong smart savvy character and I am looking forward to getting to know her better in future books. Her partner Tim seems like a good guy and I’m curious to see how the relationship develops between these two (professional or otherwise). As for this family… what a hot mess! I was seriously suspicious of each of them throughout the course of the book. There is no love lost between these family members, all appeared guilty and none were terribly likable. I picked up this book with the intention of only reading a couple chapters and three hours later I finished it. It was a riveting story with an ending that I did not puzzle together, but it made sense. Very much looking forward to the next book in the series as we are left with a little bit of a…. what?

This book in emojis. 🌧 🚤 🏚 🩸 🔍

*** Big thank you to Berkley for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

The Antidote for Everything

A Beautiful timely thought provoking tale of friendship and hard choices. Kimmery Martin did a remarkable job of bringing her medical knowledge to the page and making it both readable and authentic. Living in Southern California and surrounding myself with accepting people I was shocked to find out that in over 30 states there are not laws against discriminating against the LGBTQ community. It is maddening and baffling that someone can be denied healthcare or a job based on who they choose to love or what gender they choose to identify as. This book addresses this issue, but the story is really more of a love letter to friendship. Georgia is a urologist working in a hospital in South Carolina. Her best friend Jonah is also a doctor practicing in the same hospital. Jonah is gay and as a result tends to many members of the LGBTQ community, when some of his patients begin to leave his practice he is concerned. When he finds out that the hospital is no longer treating transgender individuals he is mad. This leads to him resigning, rumors, accusations, and a downward spiral. Georgia is determined to stand by her best friend, but this leads to some questionable actions. The story has a few twists and things I did not see coming, as well as a generous dose of romance.

This was such an engaging story! Georgia and Jonah’s friendship was so strong and so special. Georgia was such a spunky, smart, sassy, and strong woman I really loved her character. The romance between Georgia and Mark was so real. I really appreciated how analytical Georgia was when it came to love, I think a lot of us (including myself) approach romance this way and it is seldom how it is portrayed in books and movies. I also really liked that Georgia and Jonah were flawed and made poor choices. Life is messy and this book does not sugarcoat it… it was real, it was raw, and it was wonderful!

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*** Big thank you to Berkley for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***

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