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Delighted to share another festive sweet and heartwarming romance with you all! This was a wonderful clean romance that made me smile!💚❤️

My Thoughts

This was such a sweet heartwarming festive Romance! Jo McNally created such vivid characters, I feel as though I would know them if they were walking down the street. The setting was so charming. An old inn, a pink house, and a small town, yes yes and yes! This was a romance, but it was also so much more. The book really focused in on family dynamics and how grief impacts the family and how the different members of the family move on from it. Piper is a single mother of two, Lily a precocious four-year-old and Ethan a somber 14-year-old. Piper is starting over, working at this charming inn and has just purchased her own home. Her focus is on her children and she is certain there is no room in her heart for a man, she is still grieving the loss of her husband who died over three years ago. Logan, motorcycle driving tattooed bad boy arrives in town to help out with his grandmother’s inn. Logan is a Ramblin man never settling down in one place too long, he certainly does not have room for a single mother of two in his life. So what happens when two people who have no room for love fall in love? A lovely clean romance filled with love, family, and holiday cheer!

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About the Book

It’s Christmas in Rendezvous Falls, and love’s waiting to be unwrapped….

Single mom Piper Montgomery’s plate is full. Between her two adorable kids, two jobs, and a fixer-upper house, she’s so busy she can hardly see straight. But when rugged biker Logan Taggart strolls into the inn where she’s working, she can’t help but stare. He has bad boy written all over him. And with two kids relying on her, that’s the last thing she needs this Christmas.

Rendezvous Falls is nothing but a pit stop for Logan. Once his grandmother is back on her feet and ready to reclaim the inn, Logan can get back on the road. It’s where he belongs, even if his grandmother’s matchmaking book club try to convince him otherwise. Still, there’s something about beautiful spitfire Piper that makes him wonder if family and forever might just be what he needs after all.

But as the holidays draw ever closer, so do Piper and Logan. Could these polar opposites find that all they want this Christmas is each other?


Stealing Kisses in the Snow by Jo McNally

“What…oh my god… I can’t believe… I…”

Logan chuckled. “Breathe in and out. Nice and slow. It’s okay.”

“It’s not okay! I just…you just…” She stared down at the floor. He had a feeling she was working herself into a panic. “I can’t believe I just did that. In the attic. I’m so sorry. You must think I’m…”

“Hey.” Laughter gone, he stepped forward and gently tugged her hands from her face. “Look at me, Piper.” He waited until she finally looked up. His chest tight¬ened. Was that shame he saw in her eyes? “Neither one of us has a damn thing to apologize for. The moment was right, and we took it.”

“I’m a mother.”

“You’re a woman.”

She threw her hands up. “Yes, I know. People keep reminding me!”

He cupped her face in his hands and smiled. “If I did my job right, you should be a very satisfied woman right now.”

She huffed out a nervous laugh. “You did your job very well, Logan. But I can’t believe I let that happen. In the middle of the afternoon! I mean, what if…”

He lowered his head and kissed her to stop the panic attack she was trying so hard to have. Judging from the way she pressed up onto her toes to kiss him back, she wasn’t objecting. His arms slid around her, cupping her buttocks and pressing her against his hardness. He raised his head and looked into her eyes. Eyes full of invitation. And hesitation.

“What if what, Piper? What if someone comes all the way up to the attic and finds us? What are the odds of that happening? There are only two rooms booked, and you know damn well those two women are more interested in each other than whatever we’re up to. And they told me at breakfast they were heading south to the museum in Corning. We won’t be seeing them until tonight, especially in this weather.” He kissed her again. He was losing all good sense and He. Did. Not. Care. “You just said your kids are gone for a few days. Iris sure won’t be interrupting us.” Another kiss. “It’s the first real snowstorm of the season, and the odds of anyone just dropping by are pretty slim. So if you want me to do that thing again…” He slid his hand down her behind and gave it a squeeze.

She dropped her forehead against his chest and shook it back and forth. “This is crazy. We can’t…”

“We can. If we want to.”

He waited. Not patiently, but he waited. He wouldn’t make a move without knowing that she was fully on

board. She was still looking down, head against him, talking to their feet.

“I want to. But Logan…it’s been…years. I’m afraid I’ll be needy. Or frantic. Or just really rusty.” He wanted to argue, but she had to work this out for herself. “A lot of my what-ifs are about me. What if I freak out? What if I’m not good at it anymore? What if I really like it? I still have two children. This isn’t being responsible…” Not liking the direction her self-talk was taking, he put his fingers under her chin and lifted it so he could look her straight in the eye when he spoke.

“I want you to be needy.” The corner of her mouth twitched upward as he spoke. “Frantic is good, too. I think you just proved you’re not rusty. If you freak out, we’ll stop. And the fact that you have two kids doesn’t stop me from getting a hard-on every time I look at you.”

She laughed at that, as if shocked at his admission. He knew how she felt—it was a shock for him, too. Her voice steadied.

“So…what exactly are we talking about here?”

Logan wasn’t sure how they’d gotten to this place, but holy hell. He was holding Piper Montgomery in his arms, ready to drop to his knees to beg her to have sex with him if he thought it would work. In the middle of a snowy afternoon. He didn’t want to wait for tonight. He didn’t want to wait until they left the attic, but it was a little chilly up here for what he had in mind. He traced his fingers across her cheek.

“We’re talking about you and me spending the af¬ternoon having guilt-free, worry-free sex. Like the two adults that we are.”

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An Alaskan Christmas by Jennifer Snow @harlequinbooks #bookexcerpt #christmasread

Happy Wednesday from a rainy Southern California!

Excited to share with you today an excerpt from this book that looks SO good! This one is definitely on my Christmas reading list!❄️


Author: Jennifer Snow

ISBN: 9781335041500

Publication Date: 9/24/2019

Publisher: HQN Books

Book Summary:

In Alaska, it’s always a white Christmas—but the sparks flying between two reunited friends could turn it red-hot…

If there’s one gift Erika Sheraton does not want for Christmas, it’s a vacation. Ordered to take time off, the workaholic surgeon reluctantly trades in her scrubs for a ski suit and heads to Wild River, Alaska. Her friend Cassie owns a tour company that offers adventures to fit every visitor. But nothing compares to the adrenaline rush Erika feels on being reunited with Cassie’s brother, Reed Reynolds.

Gone is the buttoned-up girl Reed remembers. His sister’s best friend has blossomed into a strong, skilled, confident woman. She’s exactly what his search-and-rescue team needs—and everything he didn’t know he craved. The gulf between his life in Wild River and her big-city career is wide. But it’s no match for a desire powerful enough to melt two stubborn hearts…

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Author Website

Twitter: @JenniferSnow18

Facebook: @jennifersnowbooks

Instagram: @jensnowauthor


Author Bio: Jennifer Snow lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her husband and four year old son. She is a member of the RWA, the Alberta Writers Guild, Canadian Authors Association and Her first Brookhollow book was a finalist in the Heart of Denver Aspen Gold contest and the Golden Quill Award. More information can be found at



Her arms full of patient files, Dr. Erika Sheraton tipped her head back as Darren, her premed intern, poured a double shot of espresso down her throat. The hot liquid delivered the instant adrenaline boost she needed to get through the rest of her fourteen-hour shift.

Dinner? A quick glance at the clock on the wall above the nurses’ triage station revealed it was almost nine. A late dinner.

“How are you not vibrating? That’s your third in two hours.” Darren crumpled the paper cup and tossed it into a recycle bin as they walked.

“Caffeine stopped affecting me a long time ago. Now’s it’s about the taste,” she said, only half kidding. Double course loads and all-nighters in college and then med school had prepared her for the long hours she put in now as a general surgeon and caffeine had been her best friend.

The twentysomething looked like he could use a cup himself, as he stifled a yawn. His sandy blond hair poked up in the back as though he’d crawled out of bed at the last possible minute and his hazel eyes were bloodshot. If he was tired now after only eight hours on shift, he’d be reconsidering this particular profession by midnight. The staff at Alaska General Hospital never rested. The revolving doors at emergency constantly rotated with broken bones, heart attacks and bleeding patients filing in. No day was ever the same. Unpredictability kept Erika alert and on her toes.

“After these rounds, I’m going to need you to check in on Mr. Franklin—he’s in recovery. His family is wondering when they can see him.” The man’s entire extended family was camped out in the surgical ward waiting room—fifteen or sixteen of them at least. They couldn’t see the man, but they all refused to leave. Each one took turns driving the nurses on duty crazy. “Make sure they know only immediate family can go in. He needs his rest.”

Darren nodded, but a look of hesitation appeared behind his dark-rimmed glasses.

“What?” She checked her watch.

“I just… Well, shouldn’t you talk to them? I know his wife wanted to thank you…”

Erika shook her head. “Keeping him on the low-cholesterol, low-sodium diet I’ve prescribed—and off my operating table—will be thanks enough,” she said, scanning the top folder on her stack.

“Okay, but…”

She shot him a look.

“No problem. I’ll check in on him.”

“Thank you.” She continued down the hall toward the next high-priority patient.

“Don’t forget, your dad still wants to see you,” Darren said, struggling to keep up to her half sprint.

“I know.” And she could do without the hourly reminders. Her father rarely requested her presence during her rounds, so whatever it was wouldn’t be good. If she put him off long enough, maybe he’d forget.

“Top chart—Mr. Grayson. He’s scheduled for an appendectomy in a few hours,” she said, approaching the man’s hospital room.

Darren nodded as he smiled. “This old guy is hilarious. Did you know he was a stunt motorcycle driver in the circus in the ’80s?”

“No.” She knew he had an inflamed appendix and had waited far too long to come in. She knew his vitals and that in an hour, they’d be prepping him for surgery. Knowing personal details of a patient’s life didn’t make her job any easier or guarantee a better outcome. She juggled the files on one arm as she reached into her pocket for a new set of sterile gloves.

“Hey, before we go in there, can I talk to you?” Darren asked, stopping her outside the room. He stared at the checked patterned floor tiles.

Damn. “You’re requesting a transfer to a different physician.” He wasn’t the first medical student who’d gotten reassigned. She’d made it a month with Darren—a new record.

Another intern bites the dust.

He nodded, obviously relieved that he hadn’t had to vocalize it himself. “You’re amazing, Dr. Sheraton, and I feel so fortunate for the opportunity to work with you, but you’re also very busy and unavailable…”

The sharp sting of the words was familiar. She’d heard the same speech from interns and boyfriends alike. She’d successfully eliminated the problem in one group right after her first year of residency…interns were hospital assigned and therefore out of her control.

“I mean I just need all the training I can get and between patients and your research work…”

She didn’t need an explanation. She was busy. Too busy to have someone following her around in fact. This was totally fine with her. “I understand.”

“You’re not upset?”

“Only about having to get my own coffee from now on,” she said.

The joke missed its mark and the intern’s eyes widened. “I can still do that…”

Wow, was she really that scary? She was demanding and expected the students to put in the hours she did. She may not be the friendliest doctor on staff, socializing after work and remembering birthdays and such, but she gave these interns a real picture of their future in medicine. Wasn’t that what they were there for? “I was kidding, Darren.”


“Dr. Sheraton, please report to emergency. Stat.”

The call over the hospital intercom had her handing Darren the stack of folders. “Please take his heart rate and blood pressure,” she said, practically running to the elevators. “And don’t forget Mr. Franklin.”

“Got it,” he called after her.

The quiet twenty-six-second elevator ride to the first floor was the closest thing she got to a spa day. It was the only time she was forced to slow to a pace other than her own usual breakneck speed. But even that half a minute was too long. It gave her time to think. Think about her previous surgeries and replay the details—what went right, what went wrong, what she could do better next time. Constantly reevaluating herself made her a better surgeon, but too often it left her feeling like she was coming up slightly short of her potential. Her type A personality left little room for failure or complacency.

Checking her phone in her lab coat pocket, she scanned her schedule for the rest of the evening, evaluating what she could push back if this emergency demanded her immediate attention. The number of things marked urgent made her will the elevator to move quicker. She’d be lucky to get out of there by 2:00 a.m.

A text popped up from Darren.

If you change your mind about Mrs. Franklin…

She wouldn’t. She ignored the text from her intern—former intern—and put the phone away.

As the elevator stopped, she took a deep breath, expecting to see a flurry of organized chaos as the doors opened. Stretchers, ambulance lights flashing and sirens wailing outside, paramedics and nurses… Instead, she ran square into her father.

No emergency, just his six-foot-three frame and his usual neutral expression. It was impossible to read her father, as his face gave nothing away. His emotions were never too high or too low, just infuriatingly balanced no matter the circumstance. His calm presence and rational thinking made him fantastic at his profession, but sometimes he was irritating as shit as a father.

“Hi. I was just coming to see you.” Eventually.

“Walk with me,” he said, turning on his heel and nodding.

Her jaw clenched so tight her teeth might snap. This was so like him—assuming she could drop everything at his command. He may run the hospital, but he often had no idea how hectic her schedule was. “Can we talk as I do my rounds, Darren is…”

“More than capable,” he said, leading the way to his first-floor corner office. “And requesting to be transferred, I see.”

His tone made her palms sweat. He should be happy that she was pushing these interns to their limits. What awaited them once they graduated wasn’t for the faint of heart. Better to get used to grueling days and nights now, performing on little to no sleep, living on caffeine and leftover Halloween chocolate bars, than to realize they couldn’t cut it when lives were in their hands.

Unfortunately, he didn’t always agree with her beliefs . He wanted the interns to feel at home at Alaska General so they’d apply here once they graduated. The hospital was short staffed and more doctors would benefit everyone, but Erika preferred to work alongside the best.

Her father had an open-door policy—literally—so when he closed the office door behind her, she knew the head of General Surgery hadn’t called her in to discuss Thanksgiving dinner plans.

She glanced at his wall calendar as she sat. Especially since Thanksgiving was a week ago.

“Dad, this intern thing is just ridiculous…”

He held up a hand. “This isn’t about your inability to effectively manage others.”

Kick to the gut delivered and received. She clamped her lips together.

He opened his desk drawer and handed her a letter as he sat in the plush, leather chair behind his oversize mahogany desk.

Her eyes widened, seeing the Hospital Foundation logo on the top of the page. “Is this the final approval from the board for the clinical trials?” They’d submitted the application six months ago to start trials on a new antirejection drug after years of research, and they were waiting on the formal go-ahead to start with a test group.

Would Darren reconsider staying with her if he knew he could be part of a medical breakthrough? He’d been a lot of help in the past month.

“Just read it,” her father said.

She scanned the letter from the board of directors, feeling her excitement fade and anxiety rise with each word. “Recommended vacation? What is this?”

“I don’t like it either, but the board is reviewing policies and making sure we are following them,” he said, the edge indicating he’d been outvoted in this decision. He certainly didn’t believe in time off and had never encouraged her to take any. Her life was her career, just like him.

“But any day now we will be starting clinical trials on the new drug.” It had taken her father and his team almost three years to get the experimental antirejection product approved for testing on organ transplant patients and they’d finally gotten it. They’d worked around the clock for a year to make sure they did. Subjects were undergoing assessment right now to be ready for the trials.

Now was not the time to take a break.

Her father looked as though he’d made the same argument to the hospital board. “The team will have to handle it.”

So recommended actually meant forced. “Why now? I’m fine. I don’t need a break.” At twenty-nine, she was eager to prove herself as one of the top general surgeons in the state. Between her surgical success record and the research time she’d invested in this new drug, she was close. Helping her father get one step closer to winning the Lister Medal was high on her priority list. “Come on, Dad, you know I’m good. My last two operations were impossible surgeries…”

Improbable surgeries.”

Erika clamped her lips together again, forcing her argument to stay put. It wouldn’t do any good. Three years working alongside her father and she’d yet to prove herself. Despite two back-to-back improbable surgeries that she’d performed successfully, he still doubted her abilities. His micromanagement over her research team had driven her insane, but he’d reluctantly agreed to let her run her own set of clinical trials on the antirejection drug, and she’d foolishly believed she was making progress with him.

Now she was being forced into taking a break.

What the hell was a break? She hadn’t had one since starting university. She’d graduated with her bachelor’s in three years instead of four by doubling up on courses and then had applied directly to med school. She’d interned at Alaska General and secured a position there shortly after graduation. She couldn’t remember the last day she had off, let alone…she glanced at the letter. Two weeks?

What the hell would she do with all that free time?

Excerpted from An Alaskan Christmas by Jennifer Snow, Copyright © 2019 by Jennifer Snow. Published by HQN Books.

No Exit by Taylor Adams @Tadamsauthor #BrillianceAudio #BookReview #NoExit #TaylorAdams

Hello Book Friends,


This is one that will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat, from beginning to end.

Strap yourself in, this one is going to be a bumpy ride!


My Thoughts


While driving to Utah to see her dying mother in hospital, Darby gets caught in the mother of all snowstorms, she is currently in the mountains of Colorado so there is nowhere for her to go, but she sees a rest stop nearby.

With no phone signal and the roads all closed, Darby decides to wait out the storm there.

In the rest stop there are a couple of vending machines, and coffee Hallelujah!!

There are a 4 people there that have obviously had the same idea and are already caffeinated, so Darby joins them and introduces herself, after all, it;s going to be a long evening.

Desperate to get some information about her mother, Darby tries in vein to get a phone signal, maybe if she was a little higher, or if she was further out, so she goes for a little walk to see if she can get anything, her phone is almost out of juice, and she is starting to panic as her mother has an operation scheduled.

While wandering around the car-park waving her phone in the air, desperate to get a signal, she sees …something.

She’s not sure if she’s seeing things so she checks again, and yes! She was right!

The van parked next to her car has a little girl…in a cage….in the back of the van!

But who’s van is it? There are only 4 people in the rest stop, all of them strangers, one of them is a kidnapper, and she has barely any phone battery and no signal, what can she do?

This is a great thriller that will have your heart racing from the get-go.


Narrated by Sarah Naughton who did an excellent job, her character voices were great and made me have a serious loathing for at least one of the characters.

Grab this one if you can, you won’t be disappointed





About the Book

Amazon UK* (Free on KU)

*Affiliate link
Darby Thorne is a college student stranded by a blizzard at a highway rest stop in the middle of nowhere. She’s on the way home to see her sick mother. She’ll have to spend the night in the rest stop with four complete strangers. Then she stumbles across a little girl locked inside one of their parked cars.
There is no cell phone reception, no telephone, no way out because of the snow, and she doesn’t know which one of the other travelers is the kidnapper.
Who is the little girl? Why has she been taken? And how can Darby save her?
Full of shocking twists and turns, this beautifully written novel will have you on the edge of your seat.

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