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Hello friends,

Another day, another book!

I’m delighted to bring you a review for this fabulous Audiobook that had me staying up way to late in the evening to listen, I needed to know!!


My Thoughts


Rachel Gaston lives in Edgewater, Oregon and has done all her life, she was married (and divorced) there, and her ex husband is a local cop.

Her 2 children live with her, and she is happy with her life….well, apart from the anxiety.

You see, Rachel is plagued with dreams, her dreams make her anxious, and anxiousness makes her paranoid, it is a vicious cycle, it impacts everything she does.

This also includes her relationship with her teenage children, who she is incredibly protective about, but tends to smother them with love as she is terrified something will happen to them, just like it did with her brother, when she accidentally killed him in a stupid kids game gone wrong.

On the 20th anniversary of her brother’s death, Rachel starts getting mysterious texts from an unknown number, and objects in her house seem to have been moved around.

And then the murders start happening, the victims being some of the people that were with her that fateful day 20 years ago.

I really enjoyed this twisty psychological thriller, that had lots of twists and turns at every angle, prepare to have this face while speed reading your way through this one 😬😵


Narrated brilliantly by Christa Lewis who did an amazing job, I will certainly be looking out for more books narrated by her.




About The Book

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Twenty years ago, Rachel Gaston accidentally shot and killed her brother in a teenage game that went horribly wrong.
Today, Rachel is trying to put the guilt of what happened behind her. But her horrifying dreams about that night continue to stalk her.
As the anniversary of her brother’s death nears, Rachel feels her imagination playing tricks, convincing her that objects in her house have moved. That there’s a hint of unfamiliar cologne in the air. That someone is tailing her car. Watching her home.
Rachel has never known the truth about that night. But as connections surface between a new string of murders and Luke’s death, she realises there’s no escaping the past, and the truth may be darker than her worst fears.


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