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It is a long weekend in the US and I am so excited to have this Monday off! This was such a fun story full of the most unique and delightful characters!😍

My Thoughts

Liza Palmer has written a fun and clever tale that made me laugh. A feel-good story that left me wanting to turn up the 80s music and dance around the house. No this book is not set in the 80s, but there is a great scene in the book with an 80s party that is guaranteed to make you want to do the same! Joan was once a successful journalist, but now she’s out of a job and having little luck finding a new one. She is less than thrilled when she finally lands a job as a junior copywriter at a tech start up where all her coworkers are more than a decade younger than her, but hey it’s a job. Lucky for Joan she finds her niche with Thornton, Hani, and Elise. Soon this quad of friends/coworkers discovers that the company they are working for is not everything that it seems and an investigation ensues. Has Joan found her big story? Her way back into journalism? And at what cost?

The strength of the story for me was the characters and their relationships with one another. Not only did Joan have these fantastic coworkers, but she also had a great family and some amazing friends. The investigation (while interesting) took a backseat to everything else and mainly just moved the story forward. Honestly they could’ve been investigating anything, I just enjoyed seeing how they went about it alll. There was so much love, laughter, and camaraderie. There was also romance and love and not only with the obvious characters. An entertaining story that will put a smile on your face and the Moody Blues in your head.

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About the Book

Liza Palmer‘s voice is fresh, exciting, and necessary. She’s a must-read author.” 
Taylor Jenkins Reid, author of Daisy Jones & the Six
Wunderkind journalist Joan Dixon took an internship at the Los Angeles Times straight out of high school and never looked back. That is, until the newspaper business collapsed, leaving her to patch together soulless freelance gigs and live with her parents. Desperate to get back on her feet, Joan takes a job as a junior copywriter at the tech startup Bloom, where her bosses are all a decade younger and snacks and cans of fizzy water flow freely. But once a journalist, always a journalist. As Joan starts to poke beneath Bloom’s bright surface, she realizes that she may have accidentally stumbled onto the scoop of her lifetime. Is it worth risking everything for the sake of the story?

About the Author

Liza Palmer is the internationally bestselling author of Conversations with the Fat Girl and several other novels. An Emmy-nominated writer, she lives in Los Angeles and works for BuzzFeed. Like Joan in THE NOBODIES, she never went to college.

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