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Well Howdy-do book buddies!

All is back to normal here in the UK, we’ve had a few days of sunshine, and now it’s back to rainy days…Boo!

I’m so pleased to bring you a review for this lovely story, but be prepared for feelings, this one had me reaching for the Kleenex.

Why Did You Pick It Up Vicci?

I saw this on Netgalley, and read the synopsis and it really jumped out at me, so I’m so glad that it was approved for me to read.


My Thoughts


When I say prepare yourself I am not joking, I was a mess reading this one!

This is a story about a lovely family, we have Granddad Tim, Granny Peggy, Mummy Beth, and Baby Flo.

Flo (Florence) is all grown up now, and she’s had to grow up pretty fast, her mother died when she was relatively young, and she was brought up by her Granny, they have a really close bond, and they love each other fiercely.

Peggy’s husband Tim died when Flo was young so she didn’t really know him that well, she can only remember things like laughing at him when his legs would go all wobbly when he was playing golf.

Beth (Flo’s mother) died in a tragic accident, and so Peggy is really all of the family Flo has, apart from her friends that she has had since school, one of which she lives with.

5 years later and Flo is in love with a wonderful man and is ready to say goodbye and pack her backs to go and live with him in New York, except Peggy hasn’t told Flo everything.

While searching through her things, Peggy discovers that Beth had done the one thing she had asked her not to do, and that was to go and get tested.

You see, Tim had, and died from a genetic condition, and there was a 50/50 chance of Beth inheriting it from him, Peggy didn’t want her to know, she wanted her to just go out and live her life, but Beth obviously found out the result behind her back and never told her.

Peggy has kept this secret from Flo, but because there is also a 50/50 chance of her having it too, Peggy is torn between telling her the truth, or leaving things as they are.

A very touching, poignant story that will pull at your heartstrings and probably play a tune on them too.

It is filled with love, friendships and What If’s.

If a test could decide your future, would you take it?

**Many thanks to Simon and Schuster, Netgalley, and the Author for my copy of this book**


About The Book

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‘I can toast to my future, but the thundercloud over my head, the threat of a storm, will follow me like a shadow wherever I go. The truth is, I have a potential bomb in my bag, and who knows when or where it will go off’ 
When her daughter Beth dies suddenly, Peggy Andrews is left to pick up the pieces and take care of her granddaughter Flo. But sorting through Beth’s things reveals a secret never told: Beth was sick, with the same genetic condition that claimed her father’s life, and now Peggy must decide whether to keep the secret or risk destroying her granddaughter’s world.
Five years later, Flo is engaged and ready to pack up her life and move to New York with her high-flying fiancé. Peggy never told Flo what she discovered, but with Flo looking towards her future, Peggy realises it’s time to come clean and reveal that her granddaughter’s life might also be at risk.
As Flo struggles to decide her own path, she is faced with the same life-altering questions her mother asked herself years before: If a test could decide your future, would you take it?


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