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Today I’m sharing with you my review for this book that I truly enjoyed. It was just a good old fashion feel good story written by a remarkable storyteller! Thank you so much Lisa for my invitation to this tour!🌟

My Thoughts

Sean Dietrich masterfully wove together this brilliant story. This was a good old-fashioned feel good story sprinkled with heart and hope. Short chapters, three separate storylines, all with a common thread of family. Not the family you were born to, but the family that you choose. This is a definite character driven story without a lot of bells and whistle‘s. There was just something so refreshing about this book for me, so much charm so much goodness. I listened to the audiobook that was narrated by the author and it was almost like being told a bedtime story, and I loved the songs sprinkled throughout, a lot of them brought back memories of my childhood.

Marigold was abandoned by her family when she got pregnant at 15. She was a special girl with a healing touch, but after losing her baby in the forest she found her place in a brothel. Paul and Vern were the best of friends travel in the south with their Bloodhound. Along the way they collected a family. Not only did they find marigold’s baby and name her Ruth, but they also adopted a mother and her two kids. Cooter (Coot) was a child preacher with an incredible memory, just searching for a place to belong, with a box full of cash. All these characters wormed their way into my heart, but I have to admit that the Paul/Vern story resonated with me the most. I loved how these two men bonded with these children and were so helpful to the mother. A beautiful story with a wonderful ending that blended all these separate threads together magnificently. Next time you are in the mood for a genuine story full of clever and lovable characters, this is the book for you!

*** Big thanks to Thomas Nelson for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

From Sean Dietrich—also known as Sean of the South—comes a poignant tale of the stars that shine all around us . . . if only we’re willing to look.

When she becomes pregnant at fifteen, Marigold is rejected by her family and forced to fend for herself. And when she loses her baby in the forest, her whole world turns upside down. She’s even more distraught upon discovering she has an inexplicable power that makes her both beautiful and terrifying—and something of a local legend.

Meanwhile, migrant workers Vern and Paul discover a violet-eyed baby and take it upon themselves to care for her. The men soon pair up with a widow and her two children, and the untraditional family finds their way in fits and starts toward taking care of each other.

As survival brings one family together, a young boy finds himself with nary a friend to his name amid the dust storms still raging across Kansas. Fourteen-year-old Coot, a child preacher with a prodigy’s memory, is on the run with thousands of stolen dollars—and the only thing he’s sure of is that Mobile, Alabama, is his destination.

As the years pass and a world war looms, their stories intertwine in surprising ways. With a voice both humorous and heartfelt, Sean Dietrich weaves together a tale about the dignity of humanity and the value of enduring hope—reminding us that when the dust clears, we can still see the stars.

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5 thoughts on “Stars of Alabama by Sean Dietrich @seanofthesouth1 @thomasnelson @tlcbooktours #bookreview #starsofalabama

  1. This isn’t one that would have jumped out at me because it isn’t in my normal reading pile, but these characters sound so good like they would stay with me long after. I’ll have to find it at my library. Thank you for being on this tour. Sara @ TLC Book Tours


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