A Highlander Walks Into a Bar by Laura Trentahm @stmartinspress #bookreview #ahighlanderwalksintoabar

Happy Sunday book friends!

Excited to share my review for this fun sweet romance! A little Scottish southern fusion if you will! Thank you so much Kelly for my invitation to the blog tour!

My Thoughts

Laura Trentahm has written a fun, sweet, and entertaining romance. A little Scottish Southern fusion. Isabels mom Rose returns home to Georgia from Scotland with a BIG surprise. The surprise is not a plaid skirt, but a Scottish man who Isabell is instantly suspicious of. When his mate Alasdair shows up Izzy’s suspicion is deepened. Izzy is also stressed out because it seems as though the planning of the Highland games (an annual town event) has completely fallen to her with her mother preoccupied with the Scot. It appears as though a passion for a man in a kilt runs in the family as Izzy and Alasdair get better acquainted. But are these Scottish men’s intentions completely noble? And what will happen when secrets are revealed?

This book was pure romantic summer entertainment! I loved the Scottish Southern blend. I really loved Izzys character she was a strong, smart, and savvy woman with a heart of a dreamer! Alasdair wasn’t too bad himself and I liked how he encouraged Izzy. The story was fairly predictable as most romances are and there was definite Insta love. What made this a special read for me besides the accents and the location, was the charm and the whimsy of the story. This book just made me feel good, a good time with a few laughs! I’m still trying to figure out if I like a man in a kilt or not?

*** thanks St Martin’s Press for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

A Highlander Walks into a Bar by Laura Trentham

Buy-book link: https://us.macmillan.com/books/9781250315021


The timeless romance, soaring passion—and gorgeous men—of Scotland comes to modern-day America. And the rules of love will never be the same…

Isabel Buchanan is fiery, funny, and never at a loss for words. But she is struck speechless when her mother returns from a trip to Scotland with a six-foot-tall, very handsome souvenir. Izzy’s mother is so infatuated by the fellow that Izzy has to plan their annual Highland Games all by herself. Well, not completely by herself. The Highlander’s strapping young nephew has come looking for his uncle…

Alasdair Blackmoor has never seen a place as friendly as this small Georgia town—or a girl as brilliant and beguiling as Izzy. Instead of saving his uncle, who seems to be having a lovely time, Alasdair decides he’d rather help Izzy with the Highland Games. Show her how to dance like a Highlander. Drink like a Highlander. And maybe, just maybe, fall in love with a Highlander. But when the games are over, where do they go from here?

Author Bio:

Laura Trentham is an award-winning author of contemporary and historical romance, including Then He Kissed Me and The Military Wife. She is a member of RWA, and has been a finalist multiple times in the Golden Heart competition. A chemical engineer by training and a lover of books by nature, she lives in South Carolina.

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7 thoughts on “A Highlander Walks Into a Bar by Laura Trentahm @stmartinspress #bookreview #ahighlanderwalksintoabar

  1. Lovely review, Berit! Izzy was such a great character- the way she said things without thinking was so funny.And of course, Alasdaire’s just plain gorgeous and so determined to prove his love. You’re right the book has a feel-good factor in abundance!🤩❤

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  2. A man in a kilt!! LOL Hubby and I are watching a Scottish series The Outlander on Netflix and all the Scots are in their kilts!!


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