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Happy Saturday all!

The ground is shaking in Southern California! This was a delightful and uplifting story and I’m so excited to share my review of it with you today!🧡

My Thoughts

Based on events in her own life Ella Dove has written a beautiful and uplifting story. I am a firm believer that it is the struggles in life that really define who we are. It is the fighting through the bad times that make us stronger and I think better people. I love how Ella Dove Took this tragedy in her life and pardon the cliché,” made lemonade.” This is not a true story, but a fictitious story based on real life events. The author’s strenggh and fortitude really came through in the pages of this book.

Heidi is out for a jog one day trying to muster up the courage to ask fellow jogger Alexander out when she falls. Next thing she knows she wakes up in the hospital and her leg has been amputated. One misstep leads to tragedy. What follows is Heidi‘s Journey of despair and hope to regain her life. And perhaps it is not the life she had dreamed of, but The life that she should have. This book really shown a light on all kinds of amputees and how they struggle to come to terms with the hand life has dealt them. This book also really emphasize the need and power of family and friendship in our lives. There is also a romantic elements to the book that I thought was very sweet and I truly enjoyed. However I would have liked it even more if Heidi realized there was a reason to live without there being a man involved, but that’s just me. And I do have to remember that this is fiction and I thought the author did a really good job of bringing home the message that the person in our life that we need to find strength from is ourselves! That is something I think I’ve beat into my kids, that the only person that is always going to be there for you is you. So you better learn to love yourself or it’s going to be a long life! LOL! Such a lovely book with so much heart and so much emotion. I laughed, I cried, but ultimately I felt good!

About the Book

An inspiring, life-enhancing novel that will make you see your life differently . . .

In May 2016, magazine journalist Ella Dove was out jogging with her sister when she tripped and fell. Ella had fallen in such a way that her knee had dislocated and she also had a severe fracture. The combination of these injuries cut off the blood supply to her foot. The devastating result was the amputation of her right leg below the knee, five days after her fall. Life as she knew it was changed forever, but through determination, resilience and a positive attitude, she transformed unimaginable difficulty into an opportunity to grow and inspire others.

FIVE STEPS TO HAPPY is a novel inspired by Ella’s life story about a struggling actress Heidi whose life changes in an instant in a devastating accident. We learn how one unexpected moment can change the direction of your life – sometimes even for the better. Through her characters and their quest for happiness we learn the true value of resilience, humour and strength in the face of trauma.

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