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Love this book and I’m excited to share my review with you today! A fantastic domestic thriller that had me absolutely riveted! Thanks Lisa for my invitation to this tour!🐚

My Thoughts

ᴍʏsᴛᴇʀʏ. ғᴀᴍɪʟʏ ᴅʀᴀᴍᴀ. ʀᴏᴍᴀɴᴄᴇ.

Emily Richards has crafted a clever and engaging domestic drama. This book sucked me in in the first few pages. There’s just something about Ryan that drew me in. Perhaps it was that she was a true crime podcaster? Or perhaps it was that she was a bit of an underdog? The younger sister to perfect big sis Wendy. As absorbing as the mystery was I think what I found most captivating about this book were the characters and the relationship Dynamics. My favorite of these being Ryan‘s relationship with her nieces Holly and Noelle (Guess what month they were born in). These little girls had obviously been damaged and Ryan was so committed to making their lives better. There also was a bit of a romance in this book, a second chance romance my favorite kind! The relationship between Ryan and Teo was so sweet I was really rooting for them to get back together. This book really had a dash of everything… a genre potpourri. A dollop of mystery, a dose of domestic drama, and a peppering of romance. The perfect recipe for an engaging and delightful summer read.

Ryan has always lived in her big sister Wendy’s shadow. So she is super surprised when Wendy calls her and asks a huge favor. Can Ryan go and take care of her two young children? It looks as though Wendy is suspected of murder. But how can this be? How can perfect Wendy be involved in murder? So Ryan packs her bags to go look after her nieces and uses her sleuthing skills to figure out what in the world is going on. The closer Ryan gets to her nieces and figuring out what Wendy’s hiding the more she realizes she really never knew her sister at all. “A Family of Strangers” was such an appropriate title for this book. I don’t think Ryan really ever understood the relationship between herself, her parents, and her sister, because there were so many secrets. This was my first book from Emily Richards but it definitely will not be my last. She has such a smooth engaging writing style that really made the 400 some odd pages of this book flyby.

🎧🎧🎧 Vanessa Johansson narrated the story brilliantly. She really brought the characters to life. This was a longer audio (14 hours) and I was completely engaged throughout thanks to the wonderful story and amazing narration.

*** thank you so much Harlequin and Harper Audio for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

Could a lifetime of memories…be a lifetime of lies?

All her life, Ryan Gracey watched her perfect older sister from afar. Knowing she could never top Wendy’s achievements, she didn’t even try. Instead Ryan forged her own path while her family barely seemed to notice.

Now Wendy shares two little girls with her perfect husband, while Ryan mourns the man she lost after a nearly fatal mistake in judgment. The sisters’ choices have taken them in different directions, which is why Ryan is stunned when Wendy calls, begging for her help. There’s been a murder—and Wendy believes she’ll be wrongfully accused.

While Wendy lies low, Ryan moves back to their hometown to care for the nieces she hardly knows. The sleuthing skills she’s refined as a true-crime podcaster quickly rise to the surface as she digs for answers with the help of an unexpected ally. Yet the trail of clues Wendy’s left behind leads to nothing but questions. Blood may be thicker than water, but what does Ryan owe a sister who becomes more and more a stranger with every revelation?

Is Wendy, who always seemed so perfect, just a perfect liar—or worse?

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7 thoughts on “A family of Strangers by Emily Richards @harlequinbooks @tlcbooktours @harperaudio #bookreview #afamilyofstrangers

    • Thanks it was really good! I have to admit I generally speed up my audio so I wasn’t invested for the full 14 hours! But it was a really good audio!


  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this one! As soon as I saw the cover I knew this was one that I’d have to buy just because it’s pretty, but the engaging and smooth story seals the deal. Thank you for being on this tour. Sara @ TLC Book Tours


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