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Today I have a review for a romantic suspense story with a beautiful setting! Thank you so much Suzy my invitation to this tour! 🥥

My Thoughts

Bo Kearns has written a delightfully unique romantic suspense novel. A complex relationship, a beautiful setting, and a splash of suspense. What more could you want? The book opens up with Jack and Laura a married couple vacationing in Bali. But as we all know life is not a full-time vacation. When real life resumes Laura finds herself quitting her job and moving to Indonesia with Jack who has been offered a banking job. Laura is determined to get her marriage back on track, but the banking business in 1980s Indonesia is a bit shady. Indonesia is much darker than the bright sunshine would imply.

This was a quick read that packed a big punch! The setting of Indonesia was so original and exotic, I don’t believe I’ve ever read a book set in Indonesia before. The descriptive writing really brought this unique setting to life. Laura was a likable and sympathetic character that I was definitely rooting for. I was so happy to see her find something of her own in Indonesia away from the stress of her marriage. The tidbits of information sprinkled throughout the story about the banking industry in 1980s Indonesia gave the book a little bit of a historical vibe. The story had some definite twists and turns and an ending that left me satisfied. The perfect book to add to your summer TBR!

*** many thanks to the author for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

To save her marriage, Laura Harrison accompanies her husband Jack to Indonesia where he is to take over as president of troubled bank; but when her premonitions become reality, events spin out of control. Laura expects their new home in Jakarta to be a romantic hideaway like something out of a classic Bogart movie. Instead she walks into a house of horrors. White sheets cover Gothic furnishings, and black garments hang in the closets. It’s as if the former occupants had fled from some danger. Despite feelings of doom, Laura is determined to make things work. At the local market she’s appalled to see a baby orangutan for sale, its mother having been killer by loggers. She resolves to save the endangered primates and their rainforest habitat. As Laura attempts to grow closer to her husband, they become at odds over his shady business dealings. And when his secrets and life of lies are revealed, Laura finds herself alone and responsible for her own destiny.

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