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Well what a ride this book was, I sat and read the whole thing in one afternoon, I was gripped from beginning to end!

Why did you pick it up Vicci? – I saw the book available on Netgalley and loved the sound of the Synopsis, so I clicked request, and crossed my fingers.


This fabulous little courtroom thriller jumps straight into the action with Maria Bloxham standing over her Husband’s dead body, murder weapon in hand, after calmly washing her tea-cup she dials 999 and tells them she has just killed her husband.

She waits for them to arrive, and gets into the back of the police car after they arrest her.

We are then shot forward to her court case and the 12 people that are going to decide her fate.

We meet each one of jury, but the story focuses only on a few of them. one of them being Lottie.

Lottie is married, and a mother to a young child, she loves her husband, but the relationship has started to go a little stale, and she is feeling a little unappreciated, he doesn’t look at her like the young sexy Cameron does when she is sitting next to him in the courtroom……..and while the cat’s away!!

I loved the characters, especially the Tabithas, and how the “pack mentality”

I loved the way that the author describes just how bloody boring it is being on jury service, I remember doing it years ago, and I think I spent more time reading my book in the special room than I did actually sitting on the jury!

All in all I really enjoyed this book and i would definitely add it to your TBR if you like a twisty courtroom drama.

**Many thanks to The author, Trapeze Books, and Netgalley for my copy of the book**


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