Brief Chronicle of Another Stupid Heartbreak by Adi Alsaid @InkyardPress #bookreview

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This is my second young adult review for you today. This was a sweet fluffy story about first love, I think this will appeal to teenagers a little more than us adults. The main character will probably be more frustrating the older you are, just saying.💜

My Thoughts

A sweet story about first love, moving on, and growing up. Nobody ever forgets their first love, but some people have a much harder time getting over them. Lu is dumped by her first love Leo, his reason seems to be because they are going to different colleges. Personally I think this is a mature decision, I’m not a huge advocate of going off to college with a boyfriend/girlfriend back home. Now of course I say this and I had a long distance relationship when I was in college, but that didn’t work. Also my daughter went off to college and had a boyfriend back home, and that didn’t work either. Now I’m certain this works for some people, just nobody that I know. Lu is so distraught and cannot function like she needs to. She is going to lose her scholarship to NYU if she cannot quickly write an article for the online magazine that she works for, her scholarship is contingent upon her working for this magazine.

Lu was pretty frustrating. I wanted to sit down and have a chat with the girl, and explain to her that she certainly didn’t want to throw away her future over some boy. Then Lu happens upon a couple that are planning to break up at the end of summer because they are going to different colleges. However in the meantime they are going to make the best of their summer together. Lu becomes obsessed with this couple or the idea of this couple. She decides she’s going to write an article about them, and even though the couple refuses, she keeps persisting.

Lu was definitely a self-centered teen who liked to throw herself an occasional pity party. She had this great friend Pete who quite frankly she did not deserve. He was such a good friend so supportive with Great wise words. I was hoping they would end up together, and then I thought I’m not sure if she deserves him. The end of this book really threw me for a loop, I’m still not quite sure what to think of it. This was a good book, but probably could have been great. There was just a little something missing, and I’m not even certain what that was. Simply put a sweet fluffy story about first love.

*** thanks so much to Harlequin/Inkyard Press for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

Dumped by her boyfriend the summer after senior year, teen love and relationship columnist Lu Charles has hit a wall with her writing. The words just won’t come to her like they used to and if she doesn’t find a topic for her column, she’ll lose her gig at hip online magazine Misnomer, and the college scholarship that goes along with it. 
Her best friend, Pete, thinks she should write through her own pain, but when Lu overhears another couple planning a precollege breakup just like hers, she becomes convinced that they’re the answer to cracking her writer’s block. And when she meets them – super-practical Iris and cute, sweet Cal – and discovers they’re postponing their breakup until the end of the summer, she has to know more. 
Have Cal and Iris prolonged their own misery by staying together, knowing the end is in sight? Or does the secret to figuring out all this love business – and getting over it – lie with them? One thing is certain – if Lu can’t make a breakthrough before summer is over, she can kiss her future goodbye. 
From the acclaimed author of
 Let’s Get Lost and North of Happy comes a touching exploration of love, relationships, and the pain of breaking up.

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