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Excited to share with you today my review for this twisted character study of obsessive love! Thank you to Tracy Fenton for my invitation to the tour!🖤

My Thoughts

A dark story of obsession, love, and guilt! A tale of love gone wrong, oh so very wrong! This is a slow burning in depth character study of two people and their destructive obsession with one another. This book was simultaneously fascinating and unsettling. This is not a twisted psychological thriller it is rather a character study of twisted individuals.

The story bounces around in time. We get Catherine’s past and present perspectives, as well as the perspective of Lucian in the past. Catherine and Lucian dated years ago and something happened to tear them apart, something tragic. Catherine never gets over Lucian even though she marries a different man and has children with him. Now Catherine is in the hospital suffering from selective mutism. In order to get better Catherine must face the past, but how will that impact her present and her future?

Neither Catherine or Lucian were very likable, there was a kind of shadow of doom over them. The only character in this book I found likable and very sympathetic was Sam, Catherine’s husband that poor guy. Clare Empsom was very thorough and concise in her storytelling. You really get a comprehensive picture of both Catherine and Lucian and the situation. A well told story about obsessive love.

About the Book

‘You’re stuck there, aren’t you? Right at the end. And I wonder if it might help to go back to the beginning, to put everything in some kind of order.’

Catherine has witnessed something so traumatic that she can’t speak. Or won’t speak.The doctors say the only way forward is to look into her past.

Catherine needs to start with HIM .

Fifteen years ago she met Lucian at university and fell into a passionate love affair. They were meant to be together forever. But something happened. Something that destroyed them.

Catherine married someone else. Had two children. She moved on – or so she thought. Now Lucian is back, showing her how different life could have been.

But going back to the beginning won’t change the ending.
In fact, it might be the thing that finally breaks her…

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