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I am so excited to share with you today my review for the fifth book in this stellar series! Many thanks to Noelle for my invitation to the tour and to Lisa Regan for this amazing series!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

My Thoughts

Josie Quinn is back and better than ever!

This is the fifth book in the Josie Quinn police procedural series and it is just as strong if not stronger than the previous books. I have a love hate relationship with this series, I love when a new book is out and I hate waiting for the next book! I mean seriously Lisa Regan can’t you write a little faster? Kidding! Lisa is able to write four stellar books in a year, I am most impressed and I can’t possibly complain. Although after this ending I am more than eagerly anticipating book six!

The book starts off with Josie and Noah about to go have dinner at Noah‘s mothers house, Noah‘s mother hasn’t exactly warmed up to Josie as of yet. Josie is a girl after my own heart, she is attempting to impress Noah’s mother and ends up burning at least three desserts in the process. This is all quickly forgotten because when they arrive at Noah’s mother’s house they discover her laying face down in the dirt without a pulse. It turns out Collette (Noah‘s mother) has been murdered suffocated with the soil in her garden, a terrible way to go. The house has been searched, what was the killer looking for? Why would anyone possibly want to kill sweet Collette? Josie discovers some hidden items that might have something to do with the murder, but how are they linked? That’s all I’m giving to you about the plot, don’t want to spoil anything.

Josie is a great character, she has grown so much over the course of these books, but she still does some pretty foolish things. There was One or maybe two times during this book I wanted to reach through the pages and shake some sense into her. I’m glad she has Trinity in her life now to tell her what’s what. I was happy to see all the characters from the previous books, it’s like visiting old friends. I especially liked seeing Gretchen again after the previous book where all her dark secrets were revealed, she is probably my favorite after Josie. I have a saucepot for Noah as well, however he did frustrate me a bit in this book, had to remind myself that he had just lost his mom a couple times. There are a few new characters introduced and I am curious to see how they develop and what part they play in the series.

Once again I had a brilliant time playing detective along with Josie and the gang! I will be enthusiastically awaiting the next book in this wonderful series! Recommend!

*** many thanks to Bookouture for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

Josie works until her arms ache, until the paramedics arrive and pull her gently away from the woman’s cold, fragile body. Noah’s voice cracks beside her as he calls the time of death for his own, beloved mother.

Arriving with her partner Noah for dinner at his family’s immaculate countryside home, Detective Josie Quinn is devastated to find Noah’s mother, Colette, lying lifeless in the back garden, her mouth clogged with soil.

Searching the house for answers, Josie’s team don’t know what to make of the rosary beads buried in the dirt near the body, or the hidden file labelled “Drew Pratt”, the small town of Denton’s most famous missing person.

As she delves deeper into Pratt’s case, Josie quickly discovers he had a brother whose body mysteriously washed up on the banks of a river. There’s also a diary entry suggesting that Colette may have met him on the last day he was seen alive. Can Josie believe the unthinkable, that a kind old soul like Colette might have been involved in their murders? And, will Josie’s new relationship with Noah survive the accusation?

Josie’s only hope lies in tracking down Pratt’s daughter. But when she arrives at her home to find she’s been murdered just minutes before, Josie knows the real killer is one step ahead and won’t stop until Colette’s secret is buried forever.

Aabout the Author

Lisa Regan is an Amazon bestselling crime novelist.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Master of Education Degree from Bloomsburg University.  She is a member of Sisters In Crime, Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and daughter. Find out more at her website:


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A People’s History of Heaven by Mathangi Subramanian @mathangiwrites @AlgonquinBooks #bookreview #apeopleshistoryofheaven

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Delighted to share with you today my review for this compelling story that was Rich with culture and love!🦋

My Thoughts

an exceptional story drenched in culture and hope!

Mathangi Subramanian has intricately woven together the threads of these five girls lives into a beautiful story. Five extraordinary girls living in a slum called Heaven in Bangalore India. Now a slum is probably the furthest thing from heaven for most of us, but I think these girls might beg to differ. Surrounded with friendship and love these girls were an impenetrable support system for one another. There was so much beauty in how unconditionally these five friends excepted one another. I don’t know about you but I find that priceless! That was my biggest take away from this book the bond that all the women shared in this book was seriously enviable.

Heaven is being threatened with being bulldozed down, the women rally to fight and in doing so we learn the backstory of each of these incredible girls and the women in their lives. Each of these girls is trying to find their place in the world just like any girl anywhere, however they have quite a few more obstacles than others including religion, poverty, culture, and politics. Each girl has their own unique circumstances: an artist, a visually impaired girl Who loves to dance, a transgender girl, a girl struggling with her sexuality, and a girl that has been forced to grow up too fast with the burden of her family on her shoulders. Each girl’s story was unique and powerful, I really enjoyed every minute I spend with each of these young ladies. Their circumstances were so incredibly different from my own, but at the very heart there was so much that was similar. I love learning about other cultures it is another benefit of being a reader. But the more I read the more I realize that we are all more similar than different.We want to be loved, we want to find a place where we belong, and we all hold on to hope! Another thing I have learned is the more dire peoples situations are the more resilient they appear to be. This is a book that will stick with me for a long time, I definitely recommend!

*** many thanks to Algonquin for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

Welcome to Heaven, a 30-year-old slum hidden between brand-new high-rise apartment buildings and technology incubators in contemporary Bangalore, one of India’s fastest-growing cities. In Heaven, you will come to know a community of people living hand-to-mouth and constantly struggling against the city government who wants to bulldoze their homes and build yet more glass high-rises. These families, men and women, young and old, gladly support one another, sharing whatever they can. 
A People’s History of Heaven centers on five best friends, girls who go to school together, a diverse group who love and accept one another unconditionally, pulling one another through crises and providing emotional, physical, and financial support. Together they wage war on the bulldozers that would bury their homes, and, ultimately, on the city that does not care what happens to them. 
This is a story about geography, history, and strength, about love and friendship, about fighting for the people and places we love – even if no one else knows they exist. Elegant, poetic, bursting with color, Mathangi Subramanian’s novel is a moving and celebratory story of girls on the cusp of adulthood who find joy just in the basic act of living.

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