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Super excited to share with you today my review for this chilling story that completely entranced me!This was such an amazing buddy read so happy I had someone to discuss the end of the world with!☘️☘️☘️☘️💫

My Thoughts

A terrifying tale that was haunting, chilling, and far too real!

Who Will be with you when the world comes to an end? And what kind of person will you be?

This book was riveting and unique. A post apocalyptic psychological thriller, Who would’ve thought? Hanna Jameson that’s who! And can I just say I am so happy about this, this was such a compelling thought-provoking journey and I am so grateful to have taken it. This is a book that will completely ensnare both your mind and your heart. This book hit a little too close to home, it was simultaneously humbling and terrifying.

John is a historian/professor who is at a convention in Switzerland at an isolated hotel. The hotel guests start receiving updates on their phones of nuclear bombings, whole cities being annihilated, panic ensues. Most of the guests flee even though there is news that no planes are flying. When the dust settles there are only 20 people remaining in the hotel one of them being John. Everyone shifts to survival mode it is every man/woman for themselves, yet they all need one another to really survive. Shortly after the beginning of the end a body of a young girl is discovered, is the murderer still amongst them? Not going to say much more than this, but I do think the murder mystery played a significant backseat to the psychology of surviving the end of the world.

The story was told through John’s journal entries as he documented the days after the nuclear distruction. What I found so compelling about this was the social structure that formed in this time of severe crisis. Really made me think what would I do in this situation? What part would I play if I were in this hotel? The setting of the hotel itself was extremely eerie, the thought of being in a huge hotel with only 20 people was tremendously unsettling. The relationships and bonds that formed during this time, the lines that were drawn, the alliances formed, we’re all very intriguing. I really just love everything about this book, I loved how the story was revealed, how we got to know the key players right along with John. There was the perfect amount of mystery that added some major tension to the book. This is a book I would absolutely recommend to all thriller lovers. It was refreshing, unique,Disturbing, haunting, and seriously absorbing.

*** many thanks to Atria and my girl Melisa for my copy of this book ***

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