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Excited to share with you today my review for this twisted domestic thriller that will really make you sweat!😅 Big thanks to Noelle for my invitation to the tour and to Sarah A. Denzil for her thrilling story!

My Thoughts

Well HOT DAMN! This book was dark, disturbing, and deliciously twisted!

Sarah A. Denzil has crafted a story that will blow your mind and destroy your heart. I just finish this and my heart is still racing. This was not the book I was expecting, it was SO much more! This book truly is every mother’s absolute worst nightmare, I honestly never thought it could get worse than a child’s suicide, but apparently it can.

Kat gets the call that no parent ever wants, her daughter Grace is dead. To make things worse Grace’s death has been ruled a suicide. Kat knows without a doubt that her daughter would not kill herself. So she takes it upon herself to investigate Grace’s death. But as the puzzle pieces began to fit and more and more things are revealed Kat realizes she didn’t really know her daughter at all. How well do you really know your child? Can the child that you held as an infant turn into a monster? And can they do it without you even noticing? *shutters*

Kat has been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder a.k.a. a sociopath. however she has truly loved her daughter with all her heart, and has done everything in her power to give her child a stable home environment and to be a loving mother. Kat did not grow up in a stable environment and her mother has some pretty major issues of her own. I found Kat to be a sympathetic and relatable character. Not that I’m a sociopath, but I could completely empathize with her grief, sorrow, and need to find out the truth no matter what the cost. And The cost was pretty high Kat had to face many of her own demons throughout the investigation. All the characters in this book were vividly and cleverly drawn. The story was so dark and intense and completely riveting! Perfectly pace with twists and turns you won’t see coming. All I can say is pick this up and then buckle up because you are in for one crazy well worth it ride! Absolutely recommend!

*** many thanks to Bookouture for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

The must-read psychological thriller for 2019 from the million-copy-bestselling author of Silent Child.

‘Your daughter is dead.’

When Kat Cavanaugh hears the words every mother dreads, her perfect world shatters. She takes in the beautiful long blonde hair, torn yellow dress and chipped blue nail-varnish. It can’t be real.

And then the police add the word ‘suicide’. But Kat refuses to believe them. 

Even when they show her the familiar looping handwriting and smudged ink on the note her little girl left behind. She knows her bubbly, vivacious daughter would never take her own life.

As she searches Grace’s perfume-scented room, filled with smiling photos, she uncovers secrets her little girl had been hiding. Secrets that could put her in terrible danger too.

But Kat’s determined to find out what really happened to Grace on the night she died, whatever it takes…

This addictive and heart-pounding psychological thriller will keep you gripped late into the night.

About the Book

Sarah A. Denzil is a British suspense writer from Derbyshire. In her alternative life–AKA Sarah Dalton–she writes speculative fiction for teenagers, including The Blemished, Mary Hades and White Hart.

Sarah lives in Yorkshire with her partner, enjoying the scenic countryside and rather unpredictable weather. 

Saving April, Sarah’s debut suspense thriller, is a psychological look into the minds of the people around us who we rarely even consider – our neighbours. What do we really know about them, and what goes on when the doors are closed?

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Knowing You by Samantha Tonge @SamTongeWriter @rararesources #bookreview #knowingyou

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Excited to share with you today my review for this delightful book! Huge thank you to Rachel for my invitation to the tour and to Samantha for your lovely words!🌹

Knowing You

An abrupt change; a new friendship; a dark secret…

 Kind-hearted Violet has never fitted in, but despite being bullied at school is now content. She is dating ambitious Lenny, has her dream job in publishing and runs a book club at the local retirement home.


However, when her relationship with Lenny begins to falter, Violet, hurt and alone, seeks the advice of her new flatmate, Bella. She changes her image and with her head held high aims to show that she doesn’t need Lenny in her life to be happy and successful.


Her long-term friends Mable and Farah worry about Bella’s influence and slowly Violet starts to distance herself from them. When she was a child, her closest confidant and companion was a boy called Flint. Her mother didn’t approve of their closeness and he suffered a terrible end. She won’t let the same thing happen to Bella, no matter what anyone says…


Knowing You is about friendship and knowing who to trust with your deepest secrets; it’s about taking control of your life and not being afraid to stand out. Perfect for fans of Ruth Hogan, Gail Honeyman and Amanda Prowse

My Thoughts

This was a compelling read packed with friendship, emotion, and depth!

This book was women’s fiction older wiser more jaded sister. A Book that starts with a whisper and ends in a scream! this was almost 2 books in one. The first half was light fluffy reading and then BAM things went a little sideways got a little dark a little deep. Sam Tonge Took on some serious topics in this book and she took them head on. She handled them with compassion and heart.

Violet has a pretty good life she works in publishing, has good Friends, and a loving boyfriend Lenny. When Lenny and she break up Violet is a little lost but she still has her lovely friends. When Bella her flatmate enters the picture that’s when things get a little wild in this book. Bella encourages Violet to change her image, but is Violet becoming the woman she was always meant to be? Or a completely different person? Not going to say any more than that this is a book best gone into with minimal knowledge, I had no idea what I was in for but I soon found out I was in for a treat! A treat with a side of oh no she didn’t!

The story jumps back-and-forth between 2001 and present and really gives you a comprehensive look into Violet’s life. Life has not always been easy for Violet and learning about her past really gave you an understanding of her present. I really liked Violet, I found her charming, kind, and sweet. Her friends were sweet and supportive and I really enjoyed the bond between all of them. This really is a book about self discovery and self acceptance something that is easier said than done.

This is a well told engaging story that will take you places you won’t be expecting to go! Recommend!

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About Samantha Tonge

Samantha Tonge lives in Manchester UK and her passion, second to spending time with her husband and children, is writing. She studied German and French at university and has worked abroad, including a stint at Disneyland Paris. She has travelled widely.

When not writing she passes her days cycling, baking and drinking coffee. Samantha has sold many dozens of short stories to women’s magazines.

In 2013, she landed a publishing deal for romantic comedy fiction with HQDigital at HarperCollins and in 2014, her bestselling debut novel, Doubting Abbey, was shortlisted for the Festival of Romantic Fiction best Ebook award. In 2015 her summer novel, Game of Scones, hit #5 in the UK Kindle chart and won the Love Stories Awards Best Romantic Ebook category.





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