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My Thoughts

What would you do if you found out you were in love with a serial killer???

This was a wild story packed with gorgeous imagery and beautiful words. Diane Les Becquets has an amazing way with words, she really brought the wildlife setting and the tension in the story to life. I truly felt as though I was in the middle of nowhere with Marian. The feel of the trees, the smell of the dirt, and the sounds of the animals all leapt off the pages. The tension was palpable especially in the last 10% of this book, yikes!

This was a slow burning thriller. Marian is working as a conservationist when she meets Tate. Marian is working for an oil company studying the impact oil has on wildlife. Tate is her superior, but that does not stop her from falling for him. After the study is over Tate and Marian are sent to work in separate locations, and that is when Tate meets his unfortunate demise. Marian is devastated at first, but then she starts to realize some things just don’t add up. As she begins piecing the puzzle together she begins to wonder if Tate was a killer? She then contacted a retired FBI profiler and so the investigation begins…

This book was cleverly structured, I liked how time jumped around as Marian looked back on her relationship with Tate. I am fascinated by FBI profiling so I really enjoyed that bit. All the dogs were wonderful and I loved their bonds with their humans. The flashback scenes with the serial killer and his victims were disturbing and brutal. The tension throughout the story really kept me on the edge, and the ending had my heart racing. My only little niggle with the book is the characters weren’t as well drawn as I would’ve liked.

A vividly constructed tale, A slow burner fraught with tension. Recommend

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About the Book

Publisher’s Summary

From the national best-selling author of Breaking Wild, here is a riveting and powerful thriller about a woman whose greatest threat could be the man she loves….
Marian Engström has found her true calling: working with rescue dogs to help protect endangered wildlife. Her first assignment takes her to Northern Alberta, where she falls in love with her mentor, the daring and brilliant Tate. When they’re separated on another assignment, she’s shattered to learn of his tragic death. Before long, Marian discovers disturbing inconsistencies about Tate’s life and begins to wonder if the man she loved could have been responsible for the unsolved murders of at least four women.
Hoping to clear Tate’s name, Marian reaches out to a retired forensic profiler who’s haunted by the open cases. But as Marian relives her relationship with Tate and circles ever closer to the truth, evil stalks her every move….

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