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Happy Thursday booklovers!

Excited to share with you today my review of this book that was deliciously devilish, I thoroughly enjoyed this story from first page to last! Many thanks to Tracy for my invitation to the tour and to Alex Khan for this fabulous story!✨✨

My Thoughts

A riveting tale packed with scandal, mystery, sizzle, and glamour!

This book was so fun bursting with glitz, glam, and drama! A compelling story that showcased the excessive wealth and luxury surrounding Bollywood. I was completely invested and captivated from the very first page, brought back memories of books of old, this book definitely had a bit of a Jackie Collins vibe to it.

Zara has kicked and clawed her way to the top and is now a BIG Bollywood star. Now she is in London starring in a retelling of Pride and Prejudice. Zara has always felt judged and look down upon by the Bollywood wives, but these ladies have secrets of their own. BUT when a dead body is discovered in Zara‘s room will she lose everything that she has worked so hard for? Will her secrets be revealed? And what is behind the dead body?

A tantalizing tale Full of brilliant and colorful characters! Zara was such a fabulously drawn character, as were all the secondary characters in this book. SO much drama, gossip, and angst. SO much fun to read! The perfect escapist story, a book to lose yourself in.

If you like scandal, glitz, glam, and steam topped off with the perfect amount of drama, this one is for you! Recommend!

🎵🎵🎵 Song Running Through My Head

I have no idea what these lyrics mean so apologies if it’s anything offensive, but this song really just reminds me of Bollywood! And I really like this song makes me want to dance!

Jai ho, jai ho
Aaja, aaja jind shamiyane ke tale
Aaja jariwale nile aasman ke tale
Jai ho, jai ho
Ratti, ratti sachi maine jaan gavayi hai
Nach, nach koylo pe raat bitayi hai
Akhiyon ki neend maine phoonko se uda di
Neele tare se maine ungli jalayi hai
Aaja, aaja jind shamiyane ke tale
Aaja jariwale nile aasman ke tale
Chakh le, ha, chakh le ye raat shahad hai, chakh le
Rakh le, ha, dil hai dil aakhri had hai, rakh le
Kala, kala kajal tera koi kala jadoo hai na
Kala, kala kajal tera koi kala jadoo hai na
Aaja, aaja jind shamiyane ke tale
Aaja jariwale nile aasman ke tale
Jai ho,…

*** huge thank you too Hera Books for my copy of this book ***

About the Book and Author

Bollywood Wives

Alex Khan

The biggest scandals happen off-camera…

Zara Das is Bollywood’s hottest property, her every move watched by the eyes of the press. Riding high from the success of a string of blockbusters, she has the world at her feet, but the scandal from her latest film threatens to dethrone her as Bollywood’s reigning queen. 

So when superstar director Raj Dillon stages a lavish retelling of Pride and Prejudice, moving the shoot from Mumbai’s soundstages to London, Zara knows this is the role that could put her back on top. Coming with them are the Bollywood Wives – Jackie, Sasha, and Rani – bringing their own off-screen drama.

But behind the diamonds, designer clothes and seven-star hotels lies the truth of how Zara reached the top. And when a dead body is found in her hotel room, it seems that someone is determined to take Zara down – and will stop at nothing to expose her darkest secrets. 

Zara has spent years running from her past. But now it’s caught up with her… 

A sexy, gripping, scandalous novel set in the world of Bollywood – fans of Jackie Collins, Crazy Rich Asians and Lauren Weisberger won’t be able to put this one down. 

Publication date:




Final manuscript ready:

4th January 2019

Alex Khan is the pseudonym of Alex Caan, whose Riley and Harris police procedural series for Bonnier reached number 1 in the digital bestseller charts, with Cut to the Bone being chosen as a WHS Smith Book of the Week.

Bollywood Wives is the book that Alex has always wanted to write – a sweeping, blockbuster novel set in the luxurious world of Bollywood.

One of Hera Books’ missions is to publish fiction from BAME voices with real commercial, crossover appeal. In this novel classic Jackie Collins meets the best of Bollywood in an escapist, engrossing and sexy novel that will appeal to all readers of commercial fiction.

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