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I am so excited to share with you today my review for this book that brought back so many memories: Memories of Sunday night sitting in front of the television, when you actually had to get up and change the channel, tuning into CBS and watching Angela Lansbury on the very charming detective show “Murder, She Wrote”📖🖋

It was tons of fun to revisit Jessica and Cabot Cove! This was a really fun group read with my BOOK BESTIES!💕

Murder, She Wrote: Manuscript for Murder by Jon Land

My Thoughts

This isn’t your grandmother’s Jessica Fletcher!

This was such a fun, cozy, engaging, and nostalgic read… it certainly was fun going back to Cabot Cove! I remember Sunday night watching television, when you still had to change the channels manually, and watching Angela Lansbury on “Murder, She Wrote.” Having never read one of the books before I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I have to say I was extremely pleased! Jessica has definitely had a bit of an update, but don’t stress she still is the same charming, intelligent, and Witty character we all know and love…. she just has a little more savvy and a cell phone, but I guess even Cabot Cove has entered the 21st-century….

This time we have a murder about a book… it appears that anyone who has read this manuscript has been killed… but why? And by whom? After Jessica’s longtime publisher is found dead and has been accused of embezzling, Jessica is determined to prove him innocent…. not only that she is convinced his death was murder and she is going to find the killer! As the bodies begin to pile up Jessica is more and more convinced that these murders have something to do with this manuscript…. The investigation takes Jessica to New York and Washington DC, but don’t worry there’s plenty of time in Cabot Cove with the whole gang! I seriously wonder how many dead bodies Jessica has run across in her life? makes a girl wonder?

I loved the fact we got a book inside a book… I enjoyed reading the manuscript titled “The Affair“ with Jessica…. I relished her analysis of the manuscript…. really the perfect murder mystery for the book lover, there were so many little tidbits about the publishing business… I also have to admit the manuscript contain quite a compelling thriller of its own! What a concept to put a thriller in the middle of a cozy mystery? Throw in some politics, the first lady, the publishing world, eccentric authors and you’ve got yourself quite the delightful and suspenseful murder mystery… it was so much fun putting on my detective hat and once again joining Jessica in trying to figure out, who done it? I am absolutely going to watch some of the old shows sometime this weekend, it Hass to be on one of the many streaming subscriptions that I have!

Absolutely recommend if you are a fan of the show or not, this was a fabulously plotted mystery with some pretty amazing characters!

*** many thanks to Berkley for my copy of this book ***

About the Book

Jessica Fletcher investigates a mysterious manuscript with deadly consequences in the latest entry in this USA Todaybestselling series…

Jessica Fletcher has had plenty to worry about over her storied career, both as a bestselling novelist and amateur sleuth. But she never had any reason to worry about her longtime publisher, Lane Barfield, who also happens to be a trusted friend. When mounting evidence of financial malfeasance leads to an FBI investigation of Lane, Jessica can’t believe what she’s reading.

So when Barfield turns up dead, Jessica takes on the task of proving Barfield’s innocence–she can’t fathom someone she’s known and trusted for so long cheating her. Sure enough, Jessica’s lone wolf investigation turns up several oddities and inconsistencies in Barfield’s murder. Jessica knows something is being covered up, but what exactly? The trail she takes to answer that question reveals something far more nefarious afoot, involving shadowy characters from the heights of power in Washington. At the heart of Jessica’s investigation lies a manuscript Barfield had intended to bring out after all other publishers had turned it down. The problem is that manuscript has disappeared, all traces of its submission and very existence having been wiped off the books.

With her own life now in jeopardy, Jessica refuses to back off and sets her sights on learning the contents of that manuscript and what about it may have led to several murders. Every step she takes brings her closer to the truth of what lies in the pages, as well as the person who penned them. 


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