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Hunters Revenge

Hunter by name – Hunter by nature: DI Hunter Wilson will not rest until his friend’s death is revenged.

DI Hunter Wilson is called to the scene of a murder. He is shocked to find the victim is his friend and colleague, George Reinbold. Who would want to harm the quiet, old man? Why was a book worth £23,000 delivered to him that morning? Why is the security in George’s home so intense? Hunter must investigate his friend’s past as well as the present to identify the killer and identify George’s killer. Hunter also finds a new supply of cocaine from Peru flooding HMP Edinburgh and the city. The courier leads Hunter to the criminal gang but Hunter requires the help of his nemesis, the former Chief Constable, Sir Peter Myerscough and local gangster Ian Thomson to make his case. Hunter’s perseverance and patience are put to the test time after time in this taught crime thriller.  

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Hunters Revenge - author pic 2Author Bio

Val Penny is an American author living in SW Scotland. She has two adult daughters of whom she is justly proud and lives with her husband and two cats. She has a Law degree from Edinburgh University and her MSc from Napier University. She has had many jobs including hairdresser, waitress, lawyer, banker, azalea farmer and lecturer. However she has not yet achieved either of her childhood dreams of being a ballet dancer or owning a candy store. Until those dreams come true, she has turned her hand to writing poetry, short stories and novels. Her first crime novel, ‘Hunter’s Chase’ set in Edinburgh, Scotland was published by Crooked Cat Books on 02.02.2018. The sequel, ‘Hunter’s Revenge’ will be published on 09.09.2018.

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About The Setting

Thank you for inviting me to your blog today. I am very excited because my second crime novel, ‘Hunter’s Revenge’ is published by Crooked Cats Books and available from Amazon.

The story is set in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. I think setting is very important to a novel and did consider creating an imaginary town for my story. However, I lived in Edinburgh for many years and know the city well. I definitely saw my main protagonist, Detective Inspector Hunter Wilson, as a city policeman. Also, Edinburgh is a beautiful city and it is lovely to ‘research’ by walking around my favourite places!

Edinburgh has everything a writer could need. It is a diverse city with all different kinds of buildings and people. It is small enough that characters can move around it quickly and large enough for it to be credible that anything I want to happen there, could happen.

Edinburgh is a fabulous city with a castle, a palace and a cathedral, wealthy homes, horrible slums, fine restaurants, fast food outlets and idiosyncratic pubs. It is home to an Olympic size pool, the National Rugby Team and two famous football teams. It is also home to The Edinburgh International Festivals, what more could I or my characters want?

When I chose Edinburgh as the setting for my first novel ‘Hunter’s Chase’, I thought about it carefully. it is a beautiful city of around half a million people. I wanted the place to be big enough to support the series of books the form The Edinburgh Crime Mysteries, and I have no doubt that it fits the bill.

Hunter Wilson is divorced. He lives in a flat in Leith, an area to the north of the City and drinks in his local pub, the Persevere Bar and plays darts there.

The delegated parliament of Scotland, is where Hunter’s nemesis, Sir Peter Myerscough served as Justice Secretary. The Scottish Parliament has wide powers over how the people of Scotland are governed and meets in the Scottish Parliament Building, in the Holyrood district of the city.

Sir Peter Myerscough, has a fine home to the south in the Morningside district of Edinburgh. From his large house he has fine views across the Pentland Hills. The Pentland hills are situated just outside of Edinburgh. The reservoirs are picturesque and each hill is slightly different. If you are fit enough, you can visit the top of all of the hills in one day.

Another main character, Detective Constable Tim Myerscough is Sir Peter Myerscough’s son. He jogs through the unique park at The hermitage of Braid and his favourite pub is the Golf Tavern, off the Bruntsfield Links where, it is claimed, the oldest golf course in the world is situated.

Edinburgh is such a diverse and cultural city home to the National Art Galleries, beautiful parks and all kinds of people. It is the perfect place to situate my new novel, ‘Hunter’s Revenge’ and all the cases DI Hunter Wilson has to solve.

Val Penny is the author of The Edinburgh Crime Mysteries. The first on the series, ‘Hunter’s Chase’, was published by Crooked Cat Books on 02.02.2018 while the sequel, ‘Hunter’s Revenge’, will be published on 09.09.2018. Both books are available to order from Amazon.

Val Penny

Costa Del Churros by Isabella May @IsabellaMayBks @rararesources #BookReview #Giveaway #PubDay

Happy Book Birthday to this delightful story!

Excited to help celebrate publication day! Thank you to Rachel for my invitation and Isabella May for her lovely words!🎉🎊🎉🎊

Costa Del Churros

The rain in Spain doesn’t mainly fall on the plain…

Brits abroad Belinda, Julia, Laura and Georgina need more than the sweetness of churros with chocolate dipping sauce to save them from their unsavoury states of affairs.

Cue Carmen Maria Abril de la Fuente Ferrera, the town’s flamboyant flamenco teacher! But can she really be the answer to their prayers? 

One thing’s for sure: the Costa del Sol will never be the same again.

My Thoughts

Churros and friendship and flamenco… oh my!

This was a fun story about four ex-pats living in sunny Spain… four very different women who bonded during an unconventional flamenco class… now I know absolutely nothing about flamenco, although I do know more now than I did before I read this book, I think?

This book was told from the perspective of each of these ladies who lead a much different life than my own…. these were characters that did not immediately speak to me, but by the end of this book I found myself completely engaged in their lives… this is a beautiful story about friendship, family, and of course food!

This book left me with a big smile on my face, a bounce in my step, and a craving for churros! Absolutely recommend for a quick escape to Spain…

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Author PicAuthor Bio –

Isabella May lives in (mostly) sunny Andalucia, Spain with her husband, daughter and son, creatively inspired by the sea and the mountains. When she isn’t having her cake and eating it, sampling a new cocktail on the beach, or ferrying her children to and from after school activities, she can usually be found writing. As a co-founder and a former contributing writer for the popular online women’s magazine, The Glass House Girls – – she has also been lucky enough to subject the digital world to her other favourite pastimes, travel, the Law of Attraction, and Prince (The Purple One). She has recently become a Book Fairy, and is having lots of fun with her imaginative ‘drops’! Costa del Churros is her third novel with Crooked Cat Books, following on from the hit sensations, Oh! What a Pavlova and The Cocktail Bar.

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I Will Survive by Pippa James @PippaJamesbooks @bookouture #BookReview #PubDay

Happy Book Birthday to this fabulous fun book!🎉🎉🎉

Thrilled to be part of the blog tour and share my review today for this debut! Many thanks to Kim for my invitation and two Pippa James for her lovely words!🎊🎊🎊

Frankie is a single mother. She’s bold. She’s brave. And she’s winning at life… isn’t she?

Underneath her big smile and daring outfits, Frankie’s hiding a secret. Her five-year-old son Liam is awesome. But life as a solo parent is tough. Her job as a barmaid sucks, her meddlesome mother is taking over and she’s far from living her best life.

She’s lost her way and she’s starting to feel… lonely.

So when Frankie’s overbearing mother breaks her leg and has to go and live with her saintly sister, it’s time for Frankie to shake things up. Because she wants to turn things around for the little boy who holds the keys to her broken heart.

Surrounded by perfect mothers, Frankie quickly realises she needs some real mum friends to get her through repetitive school runs and red-faced dating disasters. The kind of people who don’t judge your shop bought cakes and bring wine to your door, just because.

So Frankie sweeps up anxious Kate and organised Alison in her whirlwind. As the unlikely trio face the trials and tantrums of motherhood, they learn that parenting is about surviving one day at a time.

And together they can wing it through anything, can’t they?

A hilarious, feel-good story for every parent who

as ever struggled bleary-eyed through toddler tantrums, school fancy dress fails and found friendship over wine and cake. Perfect for fans of The UnMumsy Mum, Why Mummy Drinks and Fiona Gibson

My Thoughts

Fun! Nostalgic! Engaging!

This was a fun book that brought back memories of my kids early days of school… The descriptors in this books very long subtitle are a bit misleading, I wouldn’t necessarily say this book is laugh out loud funny or a romantic comedy…. what it was is a very engaging story that gives a realistic look into motherhood…. filled with delightful characters and an occasional giggle…. A story that I truly appreciated for the story it was, it really depicted this stage of your life so well, with three characters I really grew to adore!

Allison, Frankie, and Kate all have kids in the same class, all are mothers, but all have their own unique parenting style and problems…. Allison is determined to be the “perfect“ mother, she wants to make the “perfect“ friends, and be the “perfect“ PTA member… Frankie had her son young and has relinquish parenting duties to her mother, convinced she’s not a very good mom…Kate is a shy and insecure mom, not sure how she fits in with all these moms that appear so “perfect” on the outside… I found each of these ladies to be likable and real, and I saw a little bit of myself in each of them, even Frankie…. I loved the friendship that blossomed between these three unlikely friends, as they learned they actually had much more in common than they thought…. I also loved how much character growth there was in each of these characters as they navigated their way through motherhood….

There is a little romance in this book and I really did like the love interest, he was a good guy… and I am super glad to see that there is a follow-up to this book, because I really want to know where this relationship is headed… there are also a few other storylines with some loose ends that I would love to see wrapped up…. not to mention I’d love to spend more time with Allison, Frankie, and Kate, and see their friendship bro…

A book that anybody who is a mom, wants to be a mom, or has a mom will absolutely enjoy!

*** many thanks to Bookouture for my copy of this book ***





About the Author

Growing up in Birmingham, Pippa James was never without at least one book on the go and therefore lived several different lives concurrently. As an adult, she would like to spend much of her time the same way, but she now lives a chaotic life in a small Derbyshire town with her husband and two children. Her writing is frequently interrupted by parenting duties and her day job as a teacher and the only way she can find a quiet space to think, is by taking her laptop to the pub to drink tea and write, which she does at every opportunity.

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The Girl In His Eyes by Jennie Ensor @Jennie_Ensor @Bloodhoundbook #BookReview

Happy Wednesday book friends!

Today I am on the blog tour and sharing with you my review for this dark book!

girl in his eyes_91076693 high res

Her father abused her when she was a child. For years she was too afraid to speak out. But now she suspects he’s found another victim…

Laura, a young woman struggling to deal with what her father did to her a decade ago, is horrified to realise that the girl he takes swimming might be his next victim. Emma is twelve – the age Laura was when her father took away her innocence.

Intimidated by her father’s rages, Laura has never told anyone the truth about her childhood. Now she must decide whether she has the courage to expose him and face the consequences.

Can Laura overcome her fear and save Emma before the worst happens?

My Thoughts

Dark! Disturbing! Ugly!

This was a powerful and disturbing story… A story about sexual abuse and the grooming process leading up to it… told from the perspective of the abused, the abuser, and the mother/wife of the abused/abuser… this is a book I had to walk away from several times, I just needed to take a break from this subject matter…. it made me feel tremendously uncomfortable, it made my skin crawl and it left me with a sense of shame…. this really is a very difficult book to review… do I recommend it? I’m really not sure… was it well done? Absolutely… it was a real and raw look at a very taboo subject, there is no sugarcoating in this book…. and I believe this will be a very difficult read for a lot of people…

Laura was sexually abused by her father from the age of 12, something she has never shared with anybody… when Laura finds out her father is going to take a 12-year-old Emma swimming, she struggles to decide if she should confess what her father has done in order to save Emma from the same fate…. I think Laura is a good depiction of an abuse victim, struggling with doing the right thing and her own shame and blame… I had a tremendous amount of sympathy for Laura, and my heart broke for her! We also got the perspective of Laura‘s mother and father, their perspectives for the most part revolted me….As I said hard book to review…

I really do need to give major props to the author for taking on such a horrible topic…. although a lot of this book was difficult I think unfortunately it was very realistic…. end it is my hope just as I think it is the hope of the author that someone will read this and it will help them get through a dark part in their life…

*** many thanks to Bloodhound Books for my copy of this book ***

Jennie+EnsorAuthor Bio:

Jennie Ensor lives in London and has Irish roots. During a long trip overseas she obtained a Masters in Journalism and began her writing career as a journalist, covering topics from forced marriages to accidents in the mining industry. Her debut novel BLIND SIDE was published by Unbound in 2016. In January 2018 her short story ‘The Gift’ was placed in the Top 40 of the Words and Women national prose competition. Her poetry has appeared in many UK and overseas publications, most recently Ink Sweat and Tears. She sings in a chamber choir.


Author website & blog:

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Twitter: @jennie_ensor


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